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How I Won Google Glass, Conference Tickets in Las Vegas and Landed My Own Dig South Panel After Entries Were Closed


Yesterday I had two awesome surprises. One, was that I found my pair of Beats by Dre earbuds that had been missing for over a year (they were in a mysterious jacket pocket). Two, I received an invite to join the #glassexplorers program. It’s a beta test for the new Google Glass project. Yes, I will be paying $1,500 to get my pair.

As TIME so elegantly put it,

But getting a chance to be among the first to experience Google Glass is being treated like a hallowed privilege among the tech set. Some contestants even likened it to winning one of the five golden tickets that entitled children to a lifetime supply of candy and a visit at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in the popular movie based on a book by Roald Dahl.

I’m incredibly excited for the chance to be a part of history by testing a new form of “wearable” technology that will interact with our everyday lives. It will also be the first time attending a major tech event and given it’s exclusive to only 8,000 people in the world, it’s something to cross off of my bucket list.

Just a little more humble bragging on some cool things I’ve won lately…

  • I won a networking plus pass ($550 value) to Affiliate Summit West via JohnChow.com
  • I secured a panel at the first ever DigSouth months after applications were closed

Deadlines, qualifications, red tape.. they’re all illusions. Nothing is out of reach.

My Affiliate Summit Entry


Does having a cool picture help? (shout out to Nectar Sunglasses / Pearcey Proper) Sure, but if you read this entry it’s authentic, funny and honest. I walk through my current situation, how I could benefit from the conference and then added my own spin.

My DigSouth Pitch Email


I took a longer format here and pretty much put it all out there. I made it more tech-oriented and used a few copywriting techniques that I’ve picked up over the years. I explained why I would be valuable… why this conference needs me.

I’m not afraid to be transparent and honest because I have nothing to hide. I think that’s very easy to see here and could be the reason why I’m hosting a panel with Archnemesis, Kevin Focus and Steez Promo.

My Google Glass Entry


This contest was about answering the hashtag #ifihadglass. I took a day and thought what would I really do with Glass? How can I use this technology in my life?

The answer was quite simple. I feel like every weekend or so I’m traveling to a new city for a show or music festival. I live about 10 hours away from home and would love a way to share these experiences with my friends and family. So with my entry I uploaded a video of what it would be like wearing glass as I walk around a festival.

Once I finally get them, you can expect a lot of live streaming from music festivals, dive bars and in the dj booth.

What’s my secret to winning awesome shit and generally being awesome?


There are better writers, marketers, social media gurus and sales wizards but you know what… there’s only one me. I’m very comfortable with who I am and don’t try to imitate anyone else. Sure there tons of things like habit, mindset and strategy that I try to steal from successful people… but the difference is that I make it my own.

People respect that when you’re you. If you try and be like someone else, you just disappear into the crowd.

When you’re blogging, applying for jobs, giving a presentation or anything, let your personality come through. Be authentic and people will respect you.

I just gave a presentation the other day on Google+ to a group of people here at work and found ways to insert my own sense of humor. That doesn’t mean the presentation wasn’t serious, people told me that they learned a lot but it was different and it grabbed their attention because it wasn’t the same thing they’ve seen over and over again.

There’s this problem with society where it makes people afraid to express themselves. Ignore killjoys. They’re everywhere. As soon as you find success in one thing there will be people talking about you, criticizing and judging. They would rather complain about their lives and others, then do something on their own or for themselves.


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