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Why employers like social networking

Employers like social networking because it allows them to see the non-professional side of you. No one comes into an interview bragging about how many Jager-Bombs they took to the face the night before, but you might post up something like that on your Facebook status. Here is a scary fact from CMSWire.
According to research by Harris Interactive, that was commissioned by CareerBuilder.com and surveyed 2,667 HR professionals, found that 45% of them use social networking sites to research job candidates, with an additional 11% planning to implement social media screening in the very near future.
Employers like that they are able to find out more about a potential employee by how they present themselves online to others. They social networking so much that 35% of those interviewed in the study said that they did not hire a candidate due to their personal content being too revealing.
With businesses being more conscious then ever about value and cost cutting it is very important that when they go through the hiring process that they are extremely selective. Too waste money on hiring and training an employee that doesn’t work out is totally not acceptable.
Employers like Social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace as another tool to judge you in the selective hiring process. So watch out and if you want to go wild, put that profile on private!
It’s four o’clock on Friday and you only have one hour left until freedom. You don’t want to resort to afternoon coffee because who likes bouncing up and down in the car in the rush hour traffic. You peek over the corner of your cubicle where your boss is nowhere to be seen. Instantly you maximize your Facebook window as you chat with all of your friends about your plans this weekend.
Sound like you? Trust me you’re not alone and your employers know.
According to new data collected by ScanSafe, which filters more than a billion Web queries each month, some 76 percent of companies are now blocking social networking sites – a 20 percent increase over the past six months.
When you have distractions in front of you, they are going to distract you. Distractions minimize productivity. Productivity produces profit.
Not only do social networking sites take away from productivity but they also can cause programs within your computer through spyware, malware, and viruses. Work oriented computers almost always contain sensitive documents on the hard drive. Your employer can not risk this information being stolen.


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