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Weekly Roundup – The Rent is Too Damn High

This is a collection of this weeks top viral videos, tech stories, and web heroes. I will release a new weekly roundup at the end of each week with the best stories that I find.

1. Finally a political party that I can agree with, The Rent is Too Damn High. +25 for being a Karate Expert as well as politician.

**2. **Apple announced the release of the New MacBook Air. Mac fanboys rejoice, but it looks like an oversized iPad with a keyboard

Image via TechCrunch

**3. **Brock Lesnar (the diehard american) will fight Cain Velasquez (mexican-american) at UFC 121 this weekend. Here’s the ESPN breakdown of the fight.

4. What do Sex and Facebook have in common? Well a lot actually.

**5. **The hottest 25 Hollywood Stars under 25

6. This is why no one likes the New York Yankees and their fans. Note: no one likes the New Jersey Giants or  Jets either.

**7. **The domain name Sex.com sells for $13 million

**8. **Kanye West, the guy who poo’d on T-Swifts party, traded poor people teeth for diamonds.

**9. **You can never get enough of the Jersey Shore. Here’s a .Gif for all of your favorite moments.

Also congratulations to my cousin Mike and his girlfriend Kourtney who are expecting twins in 2011. Best of luck to them.


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