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WBP002 - Welcome Reality, Refocusing and Completed Spec

My weekend was supposed to be spent in Orlando at Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival. I had press passes, a free place to stay and a ton of friends going. I got sick on Thursday, but honestly I could have sucked it up. I didn’t though and I don’t feel bad about it at all.

Welcome Reality

This summer I avoided reality.

I hopped on a flight to Miami for Ultra Music Festival, Denver for Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheater (the most beautiful venue in the world), New York City for Electric Zoo and CounterPoint in Atlanta. Last weekend we had 3LAU at the Music Farm and before that it was Bounce Music Festival in Raleigh.

Music is my passion and I love going to shows. It used to be about the partying, but now nothing compares to meeting people who love my brand and what we’re doing. People tend to think I’m cooler than I really am, but the secret to all of it is Enchantment.

The reality though is that other than another incredible experience, I don’t really gain anything. Even though the ticket is free, I still end up spending money on travel, accommodations and food.

I missed out on some epic sets and partying with famous dj’s, but there will always be more of that. I actually got news that we’ll be media partners with another big music festival in March 2013, that I’m really excited about.


The weekend off allowed me to get back to basics and refocused on my ultimate goal. That is I want to live the 4 Hour Work Week, travel the world and run a business my laptop. Going to another festival when I already have a more than full agenda, doesn’t get me closer to that. If I want to make it happen, I am going to have to make sacrifices. Albeit this is a small one, it’s still a start.

You have to be willing to do the work you hate, to get the results you want.

I read that on Rockstar Lifestyle Design and it’s my mantra going forward. Too often I catch myself avoiding the work that I hate and it only prohibits me from going forward. So now I’m going to be employing a few life domination strategies inspired by Sebastian Marshall.

Website Spec

I am outsourcing the design and coding for my web based product. So the website spec is needed to describe the function of the product. My experience in e-commerce helped significantly in describing the features, page design and flow for the user experience. The WBP needs to be as simple as possible, so I re-wrote a few of the sections multiple times to help ensure this.

For non-technical people, we often want the world as far as features are concerned. Just add this and this and this… how hard can it be? Yet simple variations or changes can have a dramatic impact on the coding process. So the original website spec is as stripped down as possible to create a working framework that we can continue to build on in the future. After go-live, I’ll publish the first version of it here for you.

I emailed the spec out to both the designer and coder. The coder I’m hiring emailed me back almost immediately and said that he’ll look it over today and get back to me by the evening. When outsourcing I cannot stress the importance of having constant contact with your hires. **If you aren’t able to get in contact with them at will, then hire someone else. **There are plenty of excellent technical people out there who make themselves available to you at any hour, hire them. You don’t want to go through an experience where it takes days to get a response back.

With the design and coding on schedule (hoping for a beta version by Dec 1), I am going to be coming up with my customer acquisition strategy. Having already talked to a few businesses; I need to refine the pitch, value statement and come up with pricing options. I’ll be going after new customers while coming up with this “strategy” at the same time. There’s no point in waiting or intense planning. I’ll find out what works by failing a few times first.


  • Halo 4 is addictive, but the multiplayer maps are incredibly repetitive.
  • I enjoy using an eReader more than I thought and probably won’t buy a physical book again.
  • Once you get into the “killing it” mentality, it should apply to everything. I am killing it at the day job (we’re doing some awesome shit), killing it at WRR, trying to kill it on this WBP, killing it at the gym and getting incredibly frustrated at Halo.

Current jam.


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