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WBP - Site Spec, Design and Development (Planning Stage)

Last week I told you that I would be working on building a web based product and I’m committed to giving you an update once a week. Mainly because this keeps me accountable and prevents me from slacking off! From now on this series will be known as the WBP (web based product). Let’s get dirty.

Taking from the Sam Ovens’ case I immediately took my business idea to an actual business and pitched them. I told them what I was working on, how the product would help them and why it was better than their competitors. The mental thing about fifteen minutes into talking, they started asking price and were interested in buying it!

Lesson: Nothing else matters but your customers. Go to them with your idea and work through them on the development so it’s a product that they’ll actually use. If you’re a genius like Steve Jobs and can see markets before they exist fine, but if you’re building a web based saas product like I am, go to your customers and talk to them.

Site Spec

I’ve never written a site spec before and have so many ideas on what type of functionality that I want to offer. Working with the customers is making it much easier because I’m able to build something that I know they want. I plan on getting this done by the end of the week and sending it out to a few advisors to get their opinions.

User Design

I’m dividing the design into separate parts (cheaper) and will be completing the user interface first and trying to nail down that experience. The keys to this product are its simplicity, functionality and ability to deliver data back for the user. Making this all smooth and fluid is of utmost importance to me, so I’m going through multiple applications to see what I can steal.

**Development **

The development is also being outsourced and I have interviewed five different developers. I could have used a company in India or Malaysia via Elance, but instead I chose a freelancer (expat) that is based in South America. His ability to speak English was important to me and it was good that he was able to understand what I’m trying to accomplish. Using a freelancer I was able to check his references and view projects that he is currently working on, the most important thing to me is to have a functional MVP built on rails so that it can be scaled.


I’m hoping to have the website spec and design done by the end of next week, but I just got invited by Insomniac to attend Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando this weekend. We have never worked with Insomniac before and it was one of the the last premiere promoters in the world we have not been involved with, so it’s really an honor to go. It should set me back a little bit, but not too much!


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