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Working for Free and Understanding The Artist With Wade Davis of Th3rd Brain (BWB: 002)

Biz With Ben Wade Davis

Still didn’t have a podcast name at this point in time. Wade and I go way back, so it was awesome to talk to him on the show!

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Show notes:

Wade is a Virginia native who left everything behind to make his dream work in the City of Angels. Wade explains the identity issue he was having in his previous life, and taking the chance to break away from it all. We discuss the value of working for free, how you get a song on NPR, what it’s like to work with Seal and what it’s like to help manage an artist that has for all intents and purposes BLOWN UP in Gallant. Wade explains what it was like to see a future superstar performing for no more than 20 people, and the process of getting to know what makes an artist tick so you can build a plan and execute.

My whole life I felt like I was cut out of a magazine and glue sticked into a newspaper. I felt like… I a theater kid posting as a jock. There was this something inside of me that wanted to create things.

Biz with Ben Episode 2: Wade Davis of Th3rd Brain
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