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How To Visualize Success and Instantly Improve Your Life and Business.

![visualization](http://benhebert.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/visualization-600x667.jpg)My mind at night.
Most of you guys probably don’t know that I’m an avid weight lifter (it’s the result of being shown [Pumping Iron](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdE1C6NaT5Q) at an impressionable age). My routine is mainly different combinations of the benchpress, squat and deadlift. I like heavyweight and low repetitions. I hate cardio. I’m not the guy doing bicep curls in the mirror, but props if that’s you.

Whenever I go for a new max lift, there’s a moment right before… where I close my eyes, let the music overtake me and visualize myself completing the lift. It’s a moment of complete calm.

I mentally progress through every last detail; the position of my heels as they dig deep into the ground, my blistered hands wrapping the cold steel barbell and the exertion of every muscle fiber in my body.

When you visualize your success, it’s like you’ve already done it once. Internally you’ve already won and the challenge is diminished. Of course visualization is much bigger than just lifting weights in the gym, it’s science.

The human nervous system cannot tell the difference between real and synthetic (vividly imagined) experiences** **– Dr. Maxwell Maltz in Psycho Cybernetics.

Conscious vs Subconscious Thinking

When we look to visualize our own future, we’re involving both the conscious and subconscious parts of our brains.

Picture this:

It’s early in the morning and you’re doing what everyone normally does, frying delicious bacon. The frying pan begins to heat up, the bacon sizzles and a luscious meaty aroma fills the air. You move in to flip the bacon to the other side when suddenly there’s a pop and your hand burns as it gets covered in bacon grease. Consciously you feel the pain and immediately move your hand under the cool comforting water of the faucet, but subconsciously your mind races to another time…

I bet that when you were reading that, the events unfolded in your mind. You may have even smelled a hint of bacon. You didn’t intentionally try to imagine it, it just happened. That is your subconscious and it’s always moving.

Step by Step Goal Visualization

1.) Write out your dream

If you’re building a blog or starting a company, just write down as much as you can. You can follow a traditional business plan format or really just write what comes to mind. This is your vision, your dream, your future be as vividly detailed as possible.

After you’re done outlining the plan, get down into the financials and pricing. Is it going to cost a lot where you have to raise money? Will you have to commit a ton of hours at times? Is it seasonal? These are the tangible steps to make it happen and they should all be clearly written down.

2.) How does it fit in the space?

I created the diagram below for free using Bubbl.us. It’s a brief outline of benhebert.com and the different types of content that I plan on putting out and how it’s all organized and coming back to the main site.


Start by making one of your life and the commitments in it. Link it to your job, significant other, sports teams, clubs, activies or other things you’re working on. When you can see all of the different things in front of you, you’re able to make clear decisions on how to budget your time out.

**The impact of this alone cannot be understated. **

3.) Go after the small wins with low risk

Take action immediately, but minimize risk where ever you can. When we think of new business ideas or set out to do something, we often go “all-in” and find out later that something wasn’t right to begin with. You want to avoid this.

Start with a low risk method to test your goal, but stick to the commitment. Do not let other things get in your way. It’s easy to stop doing something where you don’t see results immediately. Keep visualizing and moving forward.

The best way to solve this dilemma is join a mastermind group or make a pact with someone. You decide to keep each other accountable and if one of you should fail, you owe the other or society something. I’m in a mastermind now and the consequence of not putting out a live version of this website I’m building will be to purchase my friend a new Samsung TV. Not happening.

Reverse motivation is more effective than actual.

Get started: This is the methodology that I use and apply to the different goals I have in life, websites that I run, new business ideas and how I will grow this blog into a powerful communication and information sharing tool. Start doing it today and let me know how this impacts your life.

Note1: If you’re looking to be held accountable and take your business to the next level, consider applying to The Cartel.

Note2: If you want me to post a video of my superhuman strength, leave a comment and I just might.

Note3: You should read Blue Ocean Strategy (if you haven’t already).


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