How to Validate Your Business Idea

When you have an idea for a business, it’s best to test it with your target market before you invest any capital (time or money) into the idea.

No matter how good you think your idea is, you should always test it first.

It sucks to spend months or years working on something only to find out that you can’t sell it.

Even experienced entrepreneurs with free capital will usually shoot their shot and move on without doing the validation part, but they even miss from time to time.

The easiest way to do this is:

*Join a few facebook groups or forums related to your idea and try to sell them immediately. *

The key is to act as if you already have the business totally ready to go and are just waiting for their credit card.

Going through this will help you prepare your vision and you’ll meet your first initial forms of resistance. Actually you'll get a TON OF RESISTENCE. Which is one of the pillars you'll have to break through if you ever want to be successful in anything.

You’ll probably also get a ton of feedback and/or questions that you never thought of and can implement into your business.

If you can’t get commitments from anyone, then scrap the idea and move on.

The slightly more advanced way to do this is:

One - Buy a domain name from

Two - Throw up a landing page using software like clickfunnels or leadpages.

Send some traffic to the page by either contact people in groups or forums and see if anyone actually purchases.

Some of the advanced entrepreneurs that I know will actually have their guinea pigs go through and entire sales funnel only to refund them at the end.

Personally I have used this method my entire entrepreneurial career. There’s a domain graveyard in my Namecheap account for ideas like and

Luckily they only cost $9.95 a year to register and a few hours of my time to learn they were stupid.