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Build A Profitable Blog 001 - Types of Blogs and Keyword Selection

Building a profitable blog can take a lot of time, but the reward in passive income is there. How would you like to have a website that lets you earn an additional $500 or more a month? I run a few blogs that earn a few hundred dollars each. They haven’t replaced my main source of income, but it’s great not having to worry about the cash coming in to make payments on things like student loans or credit card bills.

There are two theories on profit blogs.

1.) Niche site – these blogs usually have 4-5 pages of content (posts like this one) and all revolve around a very specific topic. An example of a niche site keyword might be “red electric scooters”. People come to the website through google and click an advertisement or buy a product through an affiliate ad.

2.) Authority site – these authority sites have a lot of different types of content (posts, pages, videos, pictures) and revolve around a more generic niche. My blog WhiteRaverRafting.com is an authority for electronic dance music and we rank quickly for different keywords and terms. There are over 700+ posts on that site compared to around 70 on here.

What should I do?

Pick a profitable topic that you’re knowledgeable about and start writing. It should be your goal to build an authority site, that way if Google makes any changes to their search algorithm, you won’t be damaged too bad. Earlier this year, I had a ton of really crappy websites about payday loans that were each making like $180+ a month each, Google slapped me in the face and now none of them rank anymore. Avoid making crap sites! Create great content for the web that helps people.

Select a Topic

Here are the top 20 keywords with the highest cost per click (google adsense):

  • Insurance $54.91
  • Treatment $37.18
  • Loans $44.28
  • Attorney $47.07
  • Mortgage $47.12
  • Hosting $31.91
  • Rehab $33.59
  • Classes $35.04
  • Transfer $29.86
  • Recovery $42.03
  • Software $35.29
  • Claim $45.51
  • Trading $33.19
  • Lawyer $42.51
  • Donate $42.02
  • Credit $36.06
  • Conference Call $42.05
  • Degree $40.61
  • Gas/Electricity $54.62
  • Cord Blood $27.80

So anything insurance, financial or medical related is going to make you a ton of cash. If you average 10 clicks a month with a website related to insurance, you’re already making $500. Maybe you can write about medical insurance lawyers in your city? There’s probably not that many people doing it. How many visitors do you really need to get 10 clicks?

There are a few factors that you want to think about when selecting a topic:

**1.) Profitability **

Can this topic actually make me money? I started a blog once that’s only purpose was to allow me to eat free sushi. It failed miserably, but the same model ended up working for a different blog and concert tickets.

2.) Am I interested?

The sushi blog died because while I like sushi, I don’t really know anything about it or want to write about it. You should be passionate about the topic to create an authority website. One example of a blog that’s killing it right now is Nerd Fitness. It combines video games and weight training.

3.) Competition

If there’s too much competition in a certain market, I don’t want to enter it. It will take too much time to rank and I’ll end up getting frustrated for never gaining any traction. Some competition is good, but too much is something that you should avoid especially if you’re new to internet marketing.

4.) How are people making money?

When you look at the competition, take the time to analyze the different ways that they are making money. Are they using an advertising network, doing affiliate marketing or maybe selling their own product? If there are multiple obvious revenue channels, then you’re looking at the right place.

If you evaluate your topic using those criteria and it passes, then you should start building immediately. I’m going to cover more in the next post, but if you want to jump ahead check out the two points below.

Build a Website

To set up your first wordpress blog, follow my 10 minute website builder guide. It’s a great way to get started and completely affordable. If you’re familiar with my writing, you’ll know that I preach WordPress over and over but the open sourced platform is a great way to get started making money online and there are an infinite number of resources available to you.

Start Adding Content

Create unique content that talks in detail about the topic you selected for your website. Publish the information that people want to know whether it’s on lawyers or a certain type of medical disease. Great content is the best way to get traffic to your website and traffic will result in advertising clicks.


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