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Top 5 – Free Internet Radio Websites

One of the greatest things about being in a small start-up, is the flexibility associated with the job.  This includes a lax dress code, no uniforms, and those monthly reviews are more like coffee shop conversations.  We’re also able to freely listen to whatever kind of music we’d like.

My co-worker and I come from pretty diverse musical backgrounds. She has a more urban taste with a mix of the classics, while my musical interests include everything but country.  She’s had me rocking Aretha Franklin radio on Pandora, while I’ve been turning her onto some of my favorites like State Radio, John Butler Trio and this really awesome cover of Hey Ya.

So these are our top 5 internet radio and music applications

1.) Grooveshark

Grooveshark Rocks!

Grooveshark is like the up and coming google of internet radio applications. It’s an online music search engine where you can stream endless amounts of music that you find. So if you do a search for The Black Keys you’ll be able to play any song off of any of their past albums including their most recent drop Brothers.

It also has the internet radio feature called Grooveshark Radio. Based on your library of songs Grooveshark will automatically select new songs to play for you. I think it’s a great  because the recommendations seem a lot more personal then Pandora’s and more specific to the specific genre of music you’re interested in hearing.

Bonus Points – Grooveshark’s advertising is barely even noticeable. They rarely interrupt songs or playlists while only have  a small banner ad on the right hand side. I’m much more inclined to click if I don’t feel like I’m getting spammed.

2.) Pandora

If you’re going for a general genre there’s nothing better then Pandora. You can enter Incubus and hear everything from 311 to Bob Marley and then Nirvana. Not exactly the same types of music but if you’re looking for a crowd pleaser then Pandora is definitely it. Pandora is general music for the general people.

**Downside – **You have a 40 hour a month listening limit unless you want to sign up for a premium account. I’ll pass on that for now.

Fun note – Pandora is watching what you’re doing. Here’s a cool article in the Onion about the Pandora team struggling to find a song that one of their users will actually like,

“As a user of Pandora’s free service, Lipton is only allowed to skip six songs an hour, but sources said that by clicking the thumbs-down “dislike” icon, he has registered his disapproval for every track the 2,939-member Pandora team has put on his playlist in the past five hours.”

– full article here

3.) SlackerRadio

Okay, so maybe they should re-brand with a new logo

This might be your best choice if you’re a blackberry / android / or iphone type of listener. The Slacker Radio application is a great way to create new stations and share them with friends. I really enjoy the preset stations as well. The comedy station is great playing a great variety of comedians and only select bits.

Downside – this is only available in the United States and Canada.

4.) Labuat

Okay so I know Labuat isn’t internet radio, but it’s so awesome it deserves to be on this list. Create visual art and then share it with your friends to some song that I don’t understand. Time Magazine calls Labuat one of the top 50 websites in 2010,

“A beautiful, user-interactive site, Soytuaire.Labuat.com invites users to paint to music. For “Soy Tu Aire,” the first single from Spanish band Labuat’s debut album, Web designers matched a unique interactive paintbrush to the song; those manning the mouse can drive the graphics, swirling at will. Try it out and then hit Replay for a mesmerizing Web experience, or hit Record and send your motion painting to a friend. It’s too captivating to ignore.”

5.) Last.fm

Last.fm is virtually identical to Pandora except for the music selection which is rumored to be most distinct on Last.fm. I prefer Pandora because on my android phone the sound quality is much better when compared to Last.fm. Still though one hell of a web application and a great way to find new artists.


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