These are the different types of software, phone apps and other services that enhance or make my daily workflow easier. Some of them are affiliate links.

Web Hosting:

Budget (small sites, niche sites, landing pages):  I use Fatcow for most of my websites that run on wordpress. They have great customer support that has been able to help me time and time again. More on them here.

Premium (major blogs):WPEngine is full WordPress management and security. It’s guaranteed to be hack proof and they handle all restore points and backups. It’s a lot more expensive than budget hosting, but worth it.


Evernote – Organize your thoughts into different notebooks and easily search through archives. I put all of my ideas into Evernote and retrieve them at a later date.

Scrivener – Software for writing. It’s great for organizing your ideas into different chapters and for me works better than your regular MS word or Google Docs.


Hootesuite – Manage all of your social media accounts from one location and schedule updates. I am working towards using this more in the future.

Aweber – Aweber is the best for email marketing. Great analytics and data, set up auto responders and more. All of the kingpins of the internet marketing world use this.

Mailchimp – For WRR I use a mix of Aweber and Mailchimp. I prefer Mailchimps setup and its visual designer allows you to create more attractive newsletters.

WordPress Themes:

Headway – Headway is an easy to use wordpress theme that allows you to create custom designed templates without knowing how to code. This site runs on Headway and it’s probably my favorite framework because its what I started on.

Design-Newz – Click the link to see tons of great wordpress themes. If you’re just getting started on WordPress, I recommend starting with a free theme and then upgrading to premium later.