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The Wrong Way Of Thinking


It’s my dream to live the Anthony Bourdain lifestyle. Travel the world like a VIP, sampling exotic food and drink a bunch of booze along the way.

I’m sure you probably want a similar version of living. Who doesn’t?

For the sake of this example though, let’s pretend you really love music festivals. And want to travel the world, attending music festivals, sampling exotic food and drinking a bunch of booze along the way. A lot of people that I’ve met since starting WRR have this in mind.

So you’re looking for a job in the music industry, maybe you can work as a promoter, social media manager, or gasp blogger. Side note: I recommend staying away from the last option.

You apply to a few places, you don’t hear anything back. You get depressed because rejection f’ing sucks and then you quit. You never really knew anything about the industry before and the whole attempt was half hearted because you’re only trying to live out the fantasy.

Trust me, I’ve been there. But this is what you need to consider, how many jobs are out there that will allow you to [ go to festivals, snowboard, scuba dive, other cool activity ] full time? Not very many.

Not to mention the people in those positions have probably worked their entire lives dedicated to the craft. They’re not going to give up anything for you.

The odds are stacked against you.

So is the dream job / lifestyle just a fantasy?

No. You just have to change your way of thinking.

Here’s the thing: You don’t actually want the job that pays you for your dream activity.

What you’re looking for is freedom.

We all desire the freedom to spend our time as we choose. However, this luxury is only available after we have the financial freedom to support our desired lifestyle.

It’s not easy, but you can create your own freedom using the internet. I’m a living, breathing example.

When I first got into internet marketing and making money online many years ago, this is what I was after. I realized that if I could build a business that I could run from my laptop, that I could do all of the things I wanted to do. It has been a long road and I’m still working to figure it out every single day. I’ve failed a million times over, lost a bunch of money and missed out on things with friends. But now at NaturalStacks.com I’ve helped create something meaningful, something that will change the world.

So how do you create your own freedom?

Freedom starts with dedication. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice. It’s a way of living. Like a bodybuilder stacking up on protein and skipping the heavenly goodness known as Chipotle, each decision that I make supports my lifestyle. I spend a lot of my day, reading, working and training to get better at business. No one find success doing it half-assed.

Once you’ve committed, it’s time to start building your first income stream. There are a lot of different approaches to this (some of which are covered here on this blog), but you should find some sort of intersection between your interests, skills and drive. You can offer a service, build a website or sell a product that you import from China. Whatever idea you come up with, research online and see who’s doing it. Breakdown the business, evaluate the market and see how you can do it better or differently (Side note: if no one is in the market, there probably isn’t a market.)

Regardless of the niche and market you enter, you’ve started and the first dollar that you make will push you to make another and then another after that. Success is the most addicting feeling in the world. It’s why the rich get richer. They don’t need the money, they crave the feeling of achieving something big.

Once you’ve built one, you then build another. Multiple income streams are like diversifying your portfolio or installing anti-fragility (covered briefly here). You want to benefit from the chaos, expect things to get shaken up and come out strong. Having multiple income streams will truly create freedom.

I like to think that the internet is moving in this direction. It’s why you see media conglomerates like Woven.com buying up properties and e-commerce sites being absorbed by other giants. The new form of real estate are web properties and brands, what are you doing to build yours?

In the end the question to ask yourself is, “Do you really want this or is it just the fantasy?” Often the idea is much sweeter than the reality. However if it is something that you’re willing to work for, changing your way of thinking will push you closer to the right direction.


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