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If you’ve ever picked up a personal finance book, the author will usually tell you to eat chicken not steak, drink water not coffee and cut all of the expenses from your life. Live frugally and retire rich, they say. Meanwhile they’re out doing book tours, paid seminars and making tons of money off of YOU! the hamsters in the wheel.

For members of generation-y, there won’t be any social security and inflation will behead your 401k and all of its glory. You’ll work crazy hours for companies who do not give a shit about you and make them tons of money. Every day you’ll come home and sit in-front of your television where the same companies aggressively advertise to you for hours. They’ll have you fixated on products you don’t need, but will go in debt to buy.

One day at your company, you’ll be replaced by someone who they can pay less. Maybe they haven’t burned out yet. You’ll take out a second mortgage on your home to pay off some debt and find a new job where you spend hours checking email and pushing paperwork.

Don’t be a hamster.

There’s an exciting movement going on with entrepreneurs across the globe as defined by Tim Ferriss author of the 4-Hour Work Week. It’s called the new rich.

The New Rich (NR) are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility. This is an art and a science we will refer to as Lifestyle Design (LD).

We don’t really want to own yachts, private jets or homes in Hamptons. But we do want to party there, experience things and live an exclusive lifestyle.

Our generation has access to technology, resources and networking that makes creating a business easier than ever before with the ability to scale globally. We are all entrepreneurial with dreams we want to accomplish. Yet these dreams are often discarded throughout the course of “real life”. We get into the wheel and it’s so much easier to keep spinning, then make the changes necessary to live how we want.

The Cartel isn’t a get rich quick scheme or miraculous e-book that’s guaranteed to make you millions of dollars.

What you’ll find inside is a guide to creating real location independent online businesses. Something that you can generate money from whether you’re on the beach in Thailand or the clubs in South Beach. You’ll learn the skills necessary for marketing, development and sales… none of that outdated bullshit they still teach in colleges today. You’ll learn about automating processes to free up your time and how to maximize your potential.

At The Cartel, we’ll take risks, experiment and make money online. There’s nothing instant. It will be a journey requiring lots of work and a massive investment of your time.

But I can promise you that when it clicks and it will… you see what’s possible. After that your life will never be the same.

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