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We're Hiring A Success Champion @NaturalStacks


We’re hiring again at Natural Stacks!

Bringing Nick onboard full-time with our company has really pushed our trajectory forward and we’re ready to do it again.

The Success Champion will be doing a hybrid mix of customer service, public relations, hr and marketing.

Your main focus will be expanding upon and managing our customer success system.

Other duties will include building relationships with influencers, designing our internal communication process and planning events.

We can also guarantee that as employee at a bootstrapped startup, you are going to get assigned projects that you have no experience doing. The type of person we’re looking for gets excited by the idea of new challenges.

We’ve spent the past week in Seattle doing things like…

  • Mind mapping out our next venture
  • Filming a mini youtube series on float tanks
  • Eating amazing sushi, oysters and grass-fed beef
  • Flying to LA for the Bulletproof Executive Conference

Sound like fun?

Employment at Natural Stacks means you’ll be in an ultra-high growth opportunity with real input on all the decisions that we make as a business.

Plus you’ll develop the skills necessary to be successful in the modern age.

Driving Customer Success

Our approach to hiring and customer success is strongly influenced by Zappos.

Each person who joins our company serves in a customer facing position for at least 6 months. This forces the individual to learn about our business directly from our customers. There’s no better way to get a feel for what you’re doing or a pulse on the business than listening to customer feedback. If you’re doing something wrong, they’ll tell you pretty quick.

As the company has grown, we’ve decided it’s time to make this a full-time position. You will be responsible for expanding on our standard operating procedures and building a robust customer support system. The system will include a mix of phone, email or even video / webinar support.

Every new employee that joins Natural Stacks will work through your procedures to get up to speed on how we operate.

We’re deeply invested in helping our customers achieve optimal performance. You will help us take this part of our business to the next level.

Additional responsibilities and projects

You’ll help us expand the Natural Stacks network by communicating with influencers across platforms like podcasts, blogs, instagram and vine and cultivating relationships with members of the media.

We also attend a few conferences per year + host live in-store demos / samples. You will be doing the event planning and executing of the live events.

Know a health and wellness conference you’d like to attend or think would be good for Natural Stacks? We’ll send you and a team that you can hire.

Your day to day could include:

Delivering WOW customer support, drafting a press release announcing our new partnership, cold calling (or messaging) potential sponsors, reviewing designs for new conference marketing materials and scheduling social media updates.

Who is the best fit for this job?

We’re looking for someone who radiates positivity and has an endless amount of energy. Someone who is described by their friends and family as “the ultimate people person”.

Fundamentally people skills are the most important part of this job.

But we’d also like to see:

Organization – You’re going to be tracking issues from fulfillment, delivery, payments, help desks, CRMs, APIs and back again* to deliver WOW service. Issues need to be resolved and documented so that we can improve on our processes in the future.

Communication – You’ll be speaking to customers, emailing influencers, meeting people at events and writing social media updates. This means that you should excel at verbal and written communication. In your application please provide examples of your work.

Project oriented – Everything we do at Natural Stacks is considered a project. We’ll create the initiatives and you’ll be on your own with little to no management or guidance on how to get it done. You should be excited to have almost complete control over your work.

*Don’t worry if these terms scare you, our systems are quite easy and you won’t be handling the technical side.

Skills that will move you to the top of the list:

Fitness & Health – You’re experienced working in the fitness and health space whether it’s running your own blog, being a personal trainer or building a social media following. You have deep knowledge of the market and understanding of the science involved and / or ongoing trends.

Customer Service – You’ve been in a customer facing position before and dealt with a litany of issues involved. Instead of solving them once, you created systems and processes that were later used by other employees.

**Event Planning – **You know what it takes to run a kickass event and are drooling at the opportunity to create live experiences in the health and fitness space.

Public Relations – You’ve gotten clients or your own work published on blogs and talked about on forums and social media.

Important details:

This position will be located in either Seattle, Washington or Austin, Texas.

If you’re a rockstar / ninja / guru / champion we are open to a virtual relationship as long as you can work on US time. We hired Nick while he was living in Berlin and are currently helping him re-locate to Austin.

The job will pay an entry level salary plus performance incentives for three months. After three months we’ll evaluate your progress and make a decision on your future with the company. Hopefully you’ll be with us for a very long time.

I’d also like to add that a lot of jobs come with “performance incentives” that don’t really add up to much. We are not like that. In Nick’s first month on the job, he earned a cool four figure bonus.

Applications are due by October 20, 2014 and the new employee will start on or before November 1, 2014.

We’re looking to fill the position immediately so if the right person applies tomorrow, the job posting will be closed. Do not delay in applying.

This Sounds Amazing How Do I Apply?

Record a Youtube Video (5 minutes max) that shows us your personality and how you’ve demonstrated the required skills in your past.

You can also include:

  • Past projects you’ve worked on
  • Description of your skill set
  • Things that make you unique
  • Anything interesting!

Send us a link to your video to ben [@] naturalstacks [dot] com.

We’ll follow up with you to schedule a follow up interview via Google Hangout if we think you’re a good fit!

Remember… we’re going to fill this position as soon as the right person comes around. Do not wait to record a video and submit your application.

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