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Build A Profitable Blog 002 - Setup Wordpress on Fatcow: Install, Theme and Plugins

I use WordPress for all of my blogs and websites. WordPress is an open source content management system that has an endless amount of uses and can power a basic blog to e-commerce website. Plus it’s easy to use and for some reason Google absolutely loves it. Google is synonymous with God in internet marketing and you always want to make God happy!

I do all of my hosting through Fatcow and recommend that you do the same. Their support has been great for me in the past and if you’re just getting started the affordable shared hosting platform is all that you need. This site runs on Fatcow.

If you’re thinking why not just setup a free blog read this.

Purchase Hosting on Fatcow

  1. Visit Fatcow.com
  2. Enter your domain name (image)
  3. Select a one year plan

Many popular domain names are already taken. You might want to visit leandomainsearch.com to see if the domain name you want is available or to also look at other options.

Install WordPress

  1. Login to your Fatcow Account
  2. Once at the Control Panel (CPanel) click on the WordPress Icon (image)
  3. Click new install (image)
  4. Select your domain and leave the installation path blank ie yourwebsite.com/ [DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING]
  5. Fatcow will email you the login link, username and password

If you just completed these last steps, you’re on your way to becoming an internet marketer and online entrepreneur. WordPress is one of the key skills you’ll need to be successful.

Choose a Theme

You can change the look of your website almost instantly by adding a new theme. When you begin using WordPress I recommend that you work with a few free themes before you purchase one. Once you’re familiar with how it works and what your goals are, you can decide on a premium theme.

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress comes with a theme installed already and it’s a great place to start. If you’re looking to get something more comprehensive here’s my wordpress theme hack.

Design-Newz.com is an aggregator for all things web-design. You can search the site for free wordpress themes and literally browse thousands of different themes from high quality websites. It beats the hell out of google.

Once you’ve downloaded the theme you like, click appearance on the dashboard and then upload themes. Upload the zip file for your new theme and then click install. I told you that WordPress was easy.

Add Plugins

There are free and paid plugins for almost anything you want your website to do and the content you’re looking to serve. Some make it easy to include youtube videos, while others are image galleries or email list subscribers. The plugins you will use will depend on the type of website you’re building, but no matter what your niche is there are a few that you need to install.

All of these plugins can be downloaded and installed from within your website. If you look on the dashboard you can click on plugins and from there select add new.

Type the following into search and install each of them:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Google Analytics for WordPress

WordPress SEO by Yoast is my favorite SEO plugin because it has a built in features to see what keywords your post can rank for, whether you’re following SEO guidelines, edit titles and more.

I decided that I want this post to rank for “Setup WordPress Blog on Fatcow” This is what I used to fill in the different sections.

If you’re wanting to know more (a lot more) Yoast has a fully comprehensive WordPress SEO guide that covers everything you need to know.

Google XML sitemaps generates a compliant XML sitemap for your website that is supported by all of the major search engines. When Google wants to add your website and its posts to their search engine, they send “spiders” out to crawl your site. The XML sitemap makes it easy for them to do the crawling.

Google Analytics gives you data about your visitors (sign up here). What pages are getting the most hits, what keywords am I ranking for, where are my visitors coming from? Once you understand your user behavior, you can optimize for that.

Ex. If users are finding my site for “ben hebert” and then reading about making money online, then I know I should create more content to fill their needs.

A few optional plugins:

Disqus – social commenting that can be better for user experience (they can sign in anonymously or using facebook, twitter, google) and looks professional.

W3 Total Cache – This is a performance optimization plugin that can increase the speed of your site and decrease load speed for users.

Fast Secure Contact Form – an easy to use customizable contact form that includes a captcha to minimize spam. It’s much more efficient than publishing your email address.

Build A Profitable Blog Series:

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