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6 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs to Be Self-Hosted

You have a lot of different options for free blogs like wordpress.com, blogger or tumblr. Some people will tell you to sign up and learn first on these services before branching off on your own, but they’re wrong. If you’re interested in getting started with internet marketing and have a desire to succeed, then you have no other options other then to go self-hosted.

If you need a few reasons to be fully convinced then by all means continue reading. If not you can get started by checking out my 10 minute Godaddy + Fatcow Guide.

Here’s why you need to be self-hosted:

Free is unprofessional. There is very little difference between billshotdogs.wordpress.com and a myspace page. Neither are memorable. You can’t expect to be credible to your audience when your website name isn’t.

Minimal business expense. A domain name and shared hosting is probably the lowest business expense that you’ll have. Hosting with Fatcow runs around $4 per month and you can register your domain name for free. If you’re doing internet marketing you can make that $4 back in one click.

Do you own the data? If your blog and all of its data are hosted on someone else’s platform, what do you really own? What happens if you try and transfer that somewhere else? Can you take it with you? It’s better to avoid this problem all together and just buy your own.

It takes some effort. There are a few more steps involved (it only takes five minutes) but if you can’t want to put the effort into buying a domain and starting a real blog, then you’re not going to be successful in internet marketing or anything else.

Don’t have the cash? Internet marketers are resourceful people. As you develop into an entrepreneur your learn the hustle. If you can’t find a way to sell, consult or fundraise to get the money to purchase a domain name and hosting… you’re in the wrong industry.

The #1 Reason to start a self-hosted blog is to keep yourself accountable.

If I’m spending money on something, it better be good and I need to get the full value I expected. That said if I don’t spend any money, I don’t have any expectations. Investing in something like a domain name and blog, is not only a way to hold yourself accountable but also can be used as motivation for success. I just spent X dollars, I need to make that back.

As entrepreneurs and internet marketers we need to be financially savvy on some things, but setting up your first blog isn’t. Get started now.


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