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How to Build a Profitable Niche Site in less than Two Months (Case Study)

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Even thought it’s 2013, you can still build profitable niche websites that provide awesome passive income each month. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can do this. There’s no coding or technical skills required. More than anything you need crazy endurance.

Before we get started I want you to know that I’m not going to reveal this site or niche because the last time I did that someone visited the site and clicked a billion adsense ads almost causing my account to get banned! Sorry people, but if you email me I’ll help you out.

Also, everything except the layout, design and research for this process has been outsourced. You can do most of it yourself if you have the time, but I prefer to outsource and can wait for the money to come in. Remember it’s all about: plan, execute and profit.

The domain for this site was registered on 5/19 and in less than two months it’s already made $140! I didn’t even start monetizing it until June. With everything else that I will be adding over the upcoming weeks, I’m confident that it will make $500 – $600 monthly by the end of September.


Below you will find the exact process I used to build this site. If you have any questions, get in touch with me and I will help you out.

1.) Keyword Research + Content Strategy

Keyword research is the most important part for building a successful niche site. Some terms you can rank for, others you won’t. I also take the intent behind the search into consideration. When people search for “keyword term” what are they looking to do when they get there? What action is driving the search? You want to build sites that can serve this need for the user and drive them to click an advertisement or make a purchase.

The content strategy are the different pillars for your site. I like to use what’s talked about in-depth at SourceWave and have the homepage act as like a hub, with the pages targeting long tail keywords. You can funnel link juice this way and send really powerful signals back to the root. I draw everything up on a piece of paper before I start.

Note: This is how I do keyword research and I recommend LongTailPro.

2.) Purchase a domain – $10.87


I chose a brandable exact match domain (EMD). There are a lot of people saying that you should avoid exact match domains entirely, but for me they’ve been working out very well. I created a page on a relevant authority site with content at the same time as I built an exact match domain site for the keyword. The new site with no backlinks is ranked #8 in Google while the old site is #17. You decide if EMDs are dead.

Note: I use Namecheap because it comes with a free whoisguard to block my information.

3.) Install WordPress + page one content

I wrote 800 words on the topic and posted that on the homepage of the domain. The plugins that I initially installed were Yoast SEO, Google XML Sitemaps, Social Ring and Related Posts. Even if you’re going to deploy more content later, it’s important to get a good amount on page in the beginning when Google first crawls your site. Make sure that you include links out to relevant sites in your niche. That way Google knows how to classify you.

Note: I use Fatcow for niche wordpress sites and WPEngine for bigger blogs like WRR.

4.) Hire a freelancer / virtual assistant ($1 – $10 per article)

![One of my awesome VAs!](http://benhebert.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/freelancer.jpg)One of my awesome VAs!
When working with freelancers or virtual assistants you want to tell them exactly what to do. For blog posts on a niche site this is a lot easier to do when most of the information is readily available online. I have my VAs compile the information into a format that I setup and send to them. This includes things like alt tags on images, header tags, bullets, bolds, backlinks, everything. After their first few posts we have a discussion on the state of things and how we can improve. After a day or two they have the system down completely and can do it all hands off.

Note: You can find virtual assistants on networks like Odesk and Elance, but it can be an ABSOLUTE PAIN finding a good one. Navigating those places is like Craigslist spam on cocaine.

5.) Create backlinks (Free or I spent $219)


If you’re like me and don’t operate a private blog network, you have to create backlinks the old fashioned way. I started building backlinks to the site manually from day one by doing blog comments and forum posts on related websites. A real natural comment that got approval and indexed quickly. It’s like telling Google, “Oh hey there, I’m real.”

After the site was indexed and I started getting some visitors, I used LayeredLinks to speed up the process. They built the entire backlink portfolio naturally in just a couple of weeks. It’s whitehat and you don’t have to worry about getting tanked by big G. It’s expensive at $219 for their Base 1 pack, but I’ve seen incredible results so far.


See how it’s naturally increasing and not just some massive spike occurring out of nowhere?

A lot of SEO companies will throw the kitchen sink at your site, only for it to flood a few weeks later. Everyone that I know who’s used LayeredLinks is experiencing the same or better levels of success. The key is to keep is clean and provide value to your audience.

The timeline:

I schedule all of these things to happen over the course of a month. I don’t overload the site at content at one time, but make sure that once Google is paying attention, new content is being uploaded daily. It’s easy to schedule this out with your VA. I wait to deploy Adsense until the site is mostly done. I think Google downgrades new sites that are filled with ads / you don’t have any traffic, so there’s really no point.

Total Cost:

To outsource this entire process I spent around $280. That’s extremely expensive compared to what a lot of people do, but I don’t have the SEO network to boost my sites up. I’m working on building that now though and hopefully I can bring the cost down significantly in the future.

I’ll break even on the website later this month and by August it will be 100% profit from here out. So in almost no time of my own, I’ve created a profitable passive income asset that will hopefully make money for years to come with little maintenance or effort.

Now to repeat the process 500 more times. 🙂

Going forward:

I’m going to keep adding one article a week for the next few months. The website is based around a product and I will start to add affiliate links to different accessories. After the site is ranking top 5 for the main keyword, there’s no reason why it can’t make $500 – $600 a month with no effort.

Other things to do:

Track the ranking over time through a service like Serpfox or Serpalytics.

Test different adsense layouts with Quick Adsense WP plugin.

Questions? Leave a comment below or email me.


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