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Passion is about waking up to the endless possibilities of life


I’m like a sponge for knowledge. Some useful, a lot of it not. Every day I take in more in the forms of blogs, podcasts, news and regular books. Information overload is a real problem many of us, especially since so much of the information that we take in is complete crap. This especially applies to 99% of Facebook.

Once you decide that you want to live an extraordinary instead of ordinary life, you’ll start seeing information out. You’ll read the 4-Hour Work Week, the light will go off and you’ll immediately set out on this quest to follow your passion, make millions and automate your stream of income. Everyone says follow your passion, follow your passion, be passionate etc.

**But…. **

You can have a lot of passion about something, that can never produce a viable business or way for you to sustain your life.

So why not just start a business?

If you start doing something without any interest or passion behind it, you’re almost guaranteed to fail.

The following is a true story… When I was younger I tried to learn how to play guitar. I love music but truthfully I was only doing it because I wanted to get attention from girls. Fast forward to the present and I still don’t know how to play guitar. But I’ve also never had a problem finding a girlfriend.

So what is passion?

Passion leads to the awakening of self to the endless opportunities life presents.

Once you convince yourself that you can do anything, it becomes possible. When you look at the lives people who have achieved extraordinary things whether it’s in business, athletics, music or whatever – they were chasing dreams. Following their passion.

Passion drives a stake through the concept of “work” until it explodes like vampire on Trueblood.

You love the feeling of getting things accomplished, seeing results and making things happen.

Why do you think diets don’t work?

It’s difficult to continue doing something you hate for an extended period of time. People who jump from paleo to grapefuit to atkins, don’t ever find the results the results that they’re looking for because they’re looking for a quick fix. To do incredible things, you have to love what you’re doing.

Whenever I go to the gym and see a few of the behemoths hitting the weights,  you have to admire the dedication it’s taken to build their physique (legal or not).  It’s take time, blood, sweat and tears.

How to Transform Your Passion into a Business

Whether your passion can become a viable business or not depends on the combination of Passion, Purpose and Profitability. This concept was originally developed by Tony Hseih of Link Exchange (acquired by Microsoft) and Zappos (acquired by Amazon) and is a sound way for you to decide if you’re really onto something.

Passion – what is it about the niche that you really love? If we’re still talking about fitness could it be kettlebell training, high-altitude workouts or weight-lifting with chains? Break down your passion into something specific, but simple to define.

Examples:- The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Nerd Fitness and Blog of Impossible Things are all fitness passions turned big biz.

Purpose – What problems exist in the market that you can solve? Maybe you’re filling a need or forming a community. You can find this along the way, but normally this is your big idea.

Examples: Live Your Legend is a lifestyle blog that teaches people how to change the world by doing the work they love.

Profitability – We don’t like to do anything that doesn’t benefit us. Volunteering makes you feel good, sales make you rich. Your passion needs to have a way to make money in order for it to become a business.

Examples: Square 36 the oversized yoga / fitness mat, Earpeace – ear plugs for concerts and events.

Step by Step it looks like…

Take your passion -> find a purpose -> make it profitable.

It’s not going to happen overnight. Whenever you start a new endeavor it will take  a significant time and emotional investment. But it won’t feel like work anymore. Your successes will ignite you and drive you to get even more. You’ll wake up to the possibilities and stop putting your future in the hands of others. Some nights you’ll forget to sleep because you’re too busy experimenting, pivoting, failing, planning, scaling, sweating and rocking.

Being passionate is being awake to the possibilities of life. Now get off the internet and go find yours.


We are getting close to having the product done for my niche software business. My team is ripping, rocking and making sales. As it stands it looks like we will be profitable from day one…. all before the product is built!

Are you going to Affiliate Summit? I won tickets to see Big Boi out there and will be hitting up MarqueeLV as press from my blog. Beyond stoked.

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