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Organic vs Social Traffic for New Websites or Blogs

I recently launched a new electronic dance music blog. We cover all of the house, trance, dubstep, glitch, and electro genre’s that are really changing a generation. Fandom aside, I have seen an incredible increase in traffic through the last two weeks since it’s original launch. All traffic data and metrics shown in this blog post are from 9/26/11 to 10/9/11.

Social Traffic Analyzation

The main referral of traffic has been our facebook page where at the time of this post we have around 167 fans. Facebook users spend an average of 6:13 on the website (long time is because we feature a lot of songs) and the bounce rate is 57%. It should be noted that the website isn’t optimized for users to click through more than one page. Twitter is sending much less traffic (around 75 hits), but the average time on the website is 10:42.

It’s important to analyze these metrics because clearly a twitter follower is worth more than a facebook fan given the amount of time that they spend on the site. I haven’t optimized for advertisements at this time, but when the site reaches a higher critical mass it will be more profitable for me to focus marketing on twitter.

Organic Traffic Analyzation

It’s always been my mantra that organic traffic will take a larger investment, but at this time it’s still a better strategy to have pages and content properly optimized rather than constantly look for ppc, social, or other means to drive traffic. Organic however does take time and can definitely be frustrating at times.

The site has been up for two weeks and more than 50 posts have been published since that time. Posts are typically less than 100 words and include an embedded audio file, so that readers can listen to the new song. If you look at the traffic stats from day one, you’ll clearly see that almost none of the traffic was being sent through google. This can be attributed to the lack of content on the site prior to launch date and also the lack of authority for the domain.

So day one of the official launch we were only seeing seven hits from search engines. Very quickly I was able to establish traffic to the site through social networking sites; with almost the entire amount coming through Facebook. This is because it’s much easier for something to go viral on facebook and easy to increase the number of views by interacting with the post (likes & comments). So social should always be a huge part of what you’re doing when you first launch your blog. If you already have an established platform, that’s great! But, it’s not too difficult to start pushing out great content on the network and spamming your friends :).

Fast forward to yesterday October 9th, 2011. We don’t push any content over the weekend because most of my writers (team of 5) are busy doing weekend things. So generally traffic numbers are much lower than our all time high of around 250 hits (the highest traffic came from one post about the new Rihanna feat Calvin Harris track We Found Love). Here is what the analytics look like for that day.

So organically we’re getting the majority of traffic from Google, while also seeing our referring websites through Facebook and Twitter send people as well. Part of our strategy has also been to establish relationships within bloggers in our market segment and while that has not really gained significant traction, it is just as important to establish relationships and network online as it is offline.

The organic traffic is coming in due to our pages being highly optimized and the proper tags of all content, images, and songs. Another tip that usually goes forgotten is proper image tagging. Image search is highly underrated as a means to bring in new traffic especially for a brand new blog or website. We hosted an image of the Spin October Magazine Cover featuring Skrillex that has sent over 150 hits to the blog so far. While the bounce rate is high around 81%, some of the users explore the website and listen to our songs. It’s free so why not?

Final Recommendation

Through launching multiple blogs and affiliate websites, I’ve found that if you want to launch a new site it’s important to build content on it first. Meaning if I plan on launching a music blog soon, before I build the final design, assemble a team, establish workflows… etc that I really hammer out the content strategy. This includes doing extensive keyword research and finding niches to exploit. When you throw content on the website months before launch, it can significantly help in the organic rankings.


  • I changed the link structure to incorporate the full date at the end of the post rather than the beginning. Similar to Business Insider.
  • I push content to facebook manually and have it automatically fed to the twitter account
  • Using a facebook comment only system allows my content to be posted automatically to walls increasing viral-ability (probably not a word)
  • This is the first team that I’ve assembled for a blog project and it’s working incredibly well


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