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The One Month Rule

There have been many many situations where I should have let shit go, but didn't and ended up screwing stuff up.

I guess you could blame my type-a personality.

Screwing stuff up is always a waste of time, so sometime last year I decided to look at my decision making process when it came to arguments.

Now when I'm on the verge of screaming at a family member, friend, co-worker, or even fiancée [1]...

I usually take a breath or two and say to myself,

"Will this matter to me in one month?"

Most of the time it won't / doesn't and I'm taking out or channeling something totally unrelated into the current conversation.

In that case, I totally drop it and often feel immediately better about the situation.

If however it will matter to me in a month, then by all means I continue until the end.

The one month rule can also be used to reverse impulsive / negative / destructive behaviors like:

  • poor eating and drinking habits
  • spending money on dumb shit
  • being unproductive

For food choices, if you're craving a donut [2] or burger just ask yourself if you'll remember that choice in a month.

If you're home alone, stoned and watching re-runs of The Office chances are that the donut won't be very memorable.

If you're at your niece's birthday party and she has Moana themed donuts, chances are the donut will be memorable as hell.

Get it?


[1] lol let's be honest this is the real reason for this article

I brought this up with my friend Adam over dinner a few weeks ago and he thought it was remarkable due to how easy it is to implement. Imo... simple is best.

If you enjoyed this post about decision making, let me know and I'll try to write more.