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never stop challenging yourself

The key to youth, happiness, passion and energy is to never stop challenging yourself. It will prevent you from falling into stale routines and a monotonous couch potato lifestyle. Monotony will depress you and kill you. At my last job I was commuting at least 2 – 3 hours in the car each day and doing the same thing over and over. Looking back at the situation, I was probably depressed and my attitude towards everything was nowhere near what it is now.

I was locked into my routine and too dedicated to my job, that wasn’t as invested in me. Going forward it’s more important to worry about your own life (work is still important and you should crush it there), than work and things out of my control. Aside from your work life it’s important to keep pushing yourself to new heights.

Challenging yourself isn’t limited to physical activity (although I highly recommend it), but you can do anything. Try a new hobby, be a better friend, build a website, try being vegetarian or whatever else you can possibly think of. There’s a lot of hesitation trying something new for being judged or looking stupid… but it’s ridiculous to try and concern yourself with what other people think of you.

Since 2012 started I’ve done the following things to challenge myself.

  • Move 600 miles away
  • Start a new job in a new industry
  • Experiment with my passion as a concert / event marketer
  • Make new friends and experiences

Just keep going and doing things. It’s so cliche to say that live like today could be your last day, but you should (within reason).

This post is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Chardon High School Shooting.


I make money online through websites and business consulting. Everyday I'm challenging myself to learn and do more.

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