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I'm Working On Something Big and Plan on Sharing Every Step With You

The next thing that I’m working on will be big… I’m so excited that the idea is keeping me up at night. As I work through the different phases of building a product and business, I will be sharing my experiences with you through this blog.

You’ll have insider information on things like market research, application workflow, marketing strategy and outsourcing development.

Why am I doing this?

To show you that it’s possible and keep myself accountable. Maybe with a step-by-step framework you’ll be able to launch your own product. Also, it will be much more embarassing to fail in front of an audience.

So what is it?

I’m working on developing a B2B web based product that will help small business owners increase their revenue. The industry will exist forever and if the product works, it can easily be converted to serve similar niches.

The existing competitors aren’t utilizing new technology. It’s time to shake things up.

The inspiration

Sam Ovens founded Snap Inspect a property inspection tool without any development experience, limited cash and no business plan. What people are learning is that you don’t need an idea to start, you just need to do the right research within the industry.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, it’s a must watch.


  • I have worked through enough terrible ideas to know a good one and with blind confidence I’m going all in.
  • I have zero development or programming skills. I don’t design websites or know the first thing about making an iPad or iPhone app.
  • I have never done anything like this before, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.
  • From now on we’re going to call it Project X because who doesn’t love teenage mayhem.
  • The Snap Inspect interview originally appeared on Mixergy, but I found it on The Foundation.


I make money online through websites and business consulting. Everyday I'm challenging myself to learn and do more.

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