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music lovers meet the hypemachine

note: this blog post reads like a tumblr post. not a real blog post. ok?

where do you find new music? probably turn to your open minded friend or a music nerd who runs a blog like hypetrak.

well if you combine the collective genius of all of those music geeks into one robot… it would become the hype machine.

hypem.com searches all of the new music blogs for the hottest songs currently buzzing around the web. from mash-ups, remixes, indie tracks, and fresh beats all streaming without any commercials or spammy ads.

just head to their popular music page, click play, and indulge. one of the best tracks that i heard today was a dubstep remix of mike posner’s cheater. currently playing radiohead *little by little *as i write this post.

oh wait before you sign up at hypem.

with an account and you can network with other people who like the same artists your into. heart tracks you like and listen to them again. and again. and again.

forget pandora, grooveshark, last.fm, or whatever else you use that plays the same songs over and over. go hypem.


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