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Monetizing Your Niche Website


Once you have your niche site built, it’s time to setup different ways for you to start generating passive income. Depending on your market there are going to be more ways than listed here to make money from your site, but starting to learn the ways to optimize these methods will be key for your online hustling success.

This is a beginners guide only and if you’re more advanced feel free to ignore the different tips provided. These are the things that I teach new internet hustlers who are just starting to make money online.

1.) Adsense

Adsense is Google’s advertising network and it allows you to serve automatic text, image or video advertisements that are targeted towards your websites content and visitors. The minimum payout for Google Adsense is $100 each month and you’re paid on a CPC (cost-per-click) or CPM (cost-per-mille) basis.

Signing up for the program is free (do it here) and only requires a Google account. You should use the same Google account that’s linked to your Google Analytics and Webmasters profiles.

After you’ve signed up for adsense, it’s time to create new advertising units. I recommend testing a mix of image / media ads and purely text ads for your website. When creating text ads, try to set the color scheme similar to your website colors but not exact. In my experience this has resulted in the highest click-through-rate and therefore the biggest payouts.

Placement for your advertisements can vary, but popular spots include the large banner at the top, rectangles in the sidebar and small banners under the headline text. Test and experiment with ads to see what the best place to add them to your site may be.

Note: You want to focus on putting your advertisements in or around the text. This may seem like it interrupts the flow, but that’s the point. You want the user to click the ad so that you get paid.

Payout will vary depending on the keyword, but generally media ads result in a higher cost than regular text. People may be more inclined to click text links, so as always test!

2.) Affiliate Marketing

If there are products available in your niche, there will usually be affiliate programs that you can signup for and begin promoting those items. Payout ranges depending on the market, but if the lifetime value of a customer is high, then a company will pay more to acquire the customer.

High payouts = website hosting, life insurance, online college

Low payouts = one time sales ie. books, movies, items

You can include these affiliate advertisements through text links within your content, banners on the page or even through email blasts to your subscribers. Unlike Google adsense (3 max on page), there are no limits to the amount of affiliate ads that you can have on a page, but you should be concerned with how the page looks. If it appears spammy or too cluttered, people won’t trust the site and will be unlikely to stay on for long.

The best affiliate marketing strategy is to answer a question in which the product that you’re marketing is the answer. So if it’s a technical question on website hosting capabilities, I would look to serve the answer while also including links & banners to the hosting company. This way the user can come into the website, find the answer that they’re looking for and leave your site to go buy their answer.

You can do this for physical products using Amazon Associates just like you would for website hosting. If your niche is about water filtration systems, you can write the content comparing the two and then link to the best filters, accessories or replacement parts. When evaluating affiliate opportunities think about all of the items that go along with what it is that you’re promoting.

For a deeper look at affiliate marketing check out this post.

3.) Information Products

Creating your own information product around your topic can be one of the best ways for monetization. With knowledge on the topic and access to data on what people are searching for / how they’re finding your site, you can determine whether there is a need for a more informative guide. Information products can be downloaded for free or sell for hundreds… even thousands of dollars. There’s no limit to what you can charge for information and just because you know something and think it’s easy, doesn’t mean that the next person does.

For information product ideas you can visit Clickbank (info product affiliate network) and search for a keyword in your niche. If there isn’t anything there already, well you may have stumbled upon an awesome opportunity. A lot of bloggers will go through all of their old content, combine it into an eBook / ePub format and then sell it. The information is readily available online, but you package it and make it beautiful so why would they waste all of that time searching when it’s right there for $5?

Niche Site Monetization Timeline

0 – 31 Days

Start collecting email addresses using an Aweber popup. People will be more inclined to submit their email address if you’re giving something away, so I would create some type of content that they are interested in. Usually I’ll write something out that’s anywhere from 3-5 pages long with great images in PDF format. Remember that the real money is in your email list.

31 – 90 Days

I like to wait a month (two is better) before slapping Google Adsense onto a website. Let Google crawl your page before you do anything that may look like it’s anything but an authority page. Once you hit the 31- 90 day mark you can start throwing up ads on different locations as you should be generating a few modest visits each day. You also want to start testing out different headlines for your email list signup. Repeat the money is in the email list.

90 – Infinity

Start testing new affiliate programs, adding information products or even selling physical products of your own. If you have enough visitors coming in and are creating brand loyalty / trust through new content then you can sell your own branded items. If it’s more of an information site, then go back to providing them the answer they’re looking for that lead to affiliate sales.


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