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F*ck You Money and Intense Focus with WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson (BWB:006)

BwB 006 - Martin Jacobson

Martin is a multi-millionaire, WSOP winner, Natural Stacks champion, and former chef so it was awesome getting a chance to talk with him for this week’s episode of BizWithBen!

It took a bit to break some things down, but I think the discussion gets really interesting when we start discussing motivation after hitting “fuck you money” status and how relationships can change after you hit a liquidity event like winning the WSOP.

**BizWithBen 006 – Martin Jacobson**
My favorite quote from the show:

I’ve always just been focused on what it is I want to do. Once I realized that, I’ll always find a way to do it. – @martin_jacobson

He did admit that the money helps though.

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Show Notes:

It’s quite a jump from a cook to the winner of the $10 million World Series of Poker champion. Ask Martin Jacobson. After leaving his job as a chef in Sweden to pursue his dream of poker, Martin hoisted the coveted bracelet over his head in 2014 after an unlikely run through the Final Table. After completing his time at the European poker champion in Monte Carlo, Martin is now gearing up for his time after being drafted to compete in the Global Poker League, a Twitch-streamed 12-team competition that is aiming to become a media giant in the poker space.

The most important part is probably the hunger to get better. The passion to the game and always looking for ways to improve and get an edge or over an opponent. because the advantages are so small these days, you really gotta find anything you can and use it to your advantage?

I’m not the most game theoretically strong player but I get my edge from being prepared, both mentally and physically and being able to keep up with a long day and be more focused.

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