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Microdosing LSD for Performance with Raymond Tusk (anonymous) (BWB: 003)

Microdosing LSD for Performance with Raymond Tusk

Talked with my friend-to-remain anonymous about LSD Microdosing, the latest trend growing in popularity amongst high powered business players. We’ll refer to him as Raymond for the purposes of this episode.

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Show notes:

My friend Raymond has been trying something a bit new recently. Since the end of 2015, Raymond has been taking LSD in 1/10th of the usual dosage in order to accomplish more during this day. People like Tim Ferris have championed microdosing as a new way of optimizing your performance and He described the experience as a “sub-perceptable” feeling of winning and regardless of what you think about this, it’s impossible to deny that could have major implications.

LSD is hands down the quickest and most effective way to form an unbiased opinion on difficult decisions.

…I described it as, “Some of the energy and the focus from a couple strong cups of tea, mixed with some of the elation and positivity that you’d get from a big success like closing a deal. After you close a big deal you feel on top of the world and you get that dopamine boost and grin on your face that you can’t wipe off.

Biz With Ben Episode 3: LSD Microdosing

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Huffington Post LSD Microdosing Article

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