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Five Lessons That I Learned in 2012


2012 was the best year of my life. I did a lot of things that I didn’t think were possible… and learned about myself. I’m already living the dream, but not done chasing after everything that I want to accomplish.

So here are a few things that I learned in 2012 that will help me in the new year.

1.) Limitless isn’t just a movie about adderall.

In 2012 I was able to attend multiple music festivals as media and take pictures of some of the biggest names in music. It still blows my mind. I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been and sharper when it comes to business and marketing. You too are limitless.

2.) People won’t get it.

It’s hard for me to have a conversation with someone who isn’t exploiting their skills and abilities to try and design their own lifestyle. Worse if they’re stuck in the same routine over and over and over. I’ll pitch them my ideas and they don’t get excited. If you’re like me… you need to find others who are looking to make things happen.

3.) Iron sharpens iron.

This is like A-Players only like working with A-Players. Or it’s like going to the gym by yourself versus pumping iron with a bunch of juiced up meatheads. Successful people are the ultimate motivation and will make you better. Removing negative influences is very difficult but remember, you are who you associate with.

4.) Work till burnout then switch to an outlet.

One of my favorite quotes from “The Hangover”

Sweetie, it’s Vegas. You lose track of time in those casinos. There’s no windows, there’s no clocks. He’s probably on a heater. And you never walk away from the table when you’re on a heater.

When you’re cranking on a high level whether it’s business, projects or physical fitness… keep going. Some people will tell you to stop and slow down so you avoid burnout, but I have found that no matter what level of effort that I am exerting that I will get bored at some point. Now when I’m on a heater, I turn up the jets and dive deeper until I need more oxygen.

On a side note, I’m headed to Vegas for Affiliate Summit West in nine days thanks to John Chow and will let you know how I fare at the tables.

5.) Don’t stop learning.

I’m going to take an internship in 2013. It might sound surprising but I want to learn new skills and the best way at least for me is through real experience. I could change jobs or switch careers, but part of my risk minimization strategy is to intern in my spare time. I want to take my sales / marketing game to the next level and if it happens to make someone else rich, so be it :).

This post started as a blah, blah, blah rant on the things that I want to do in 2013. Some people downplay the new year others seize the opportunity to brag about things they probably won’t accomplish. For me it’s a combination of stronger, smarter, faster and richer. That means launching my niche software business, membership website and a few more things.


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