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Muay Thai, Scuba Diving, and Passive Income 10 Different ways with Johnny FD (BWB:005)

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After being laid off in 2008 doing money managment Johnny FD has had an interesting time since to say the least..  He spent 4 years in Thailand doing scuba diving and muay thai making $600 per month. After discovering drop shipping our boy Johnny has passive income out the wazoo.  (You can see his monthly income report for yourself.)

Between 2 Kindle books, 2 dropship stores, a bunch of affiliate income sources, a couple courses on Udemy and a YouTube channel that brings in ads, it comes out to about 10 income sources.

Johnny’s now in Maintenance mode living in Chang Mai and was nice enough to hop on the phone with me on short notice!

“I always tell people that want to do this digital nomad lifestyle ‘Yea you should pay off all your debts you should save up some money, you should build an online business and…. I didn’t do any of that… Too many things would’ve came up. There would’ve been too many responsibilities, too many people freaking you out giving your reasons you shouldn’t do it.”

“I would say if anyone doesn’t have some kind of website right now, go buy your name. Go see if your name is available as a domain and just start blogging and don’t worry about making money from it. Just talk to your friends and family on it and I guarantee you at one point in your life, either that blog or the skills your learn from it will translate into something.”

**BizWithBen 005 – Johnny FD**
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