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The Internet is for Hustlers.


I am an online hustler. I don’t have any true “technical” skills like being able to code or design. My strengths lie in the attention to details, critical thinking and ability to solve problems in ways others can’t. When I’m faced with a challenge, I refuse to let anything stop me from getting it done. There’s always a way.

The internet hustle opens up millions of distribution channels to people interested in making money. There’s opportunity everywhere for people who want to work for it and at the end of the day it’s still about buying and selling. You want to deliver enough value to convince your prospects to open up their wallets and make a purchase.

Internet hustlers aren’t to be confused with startup guys. Hustlers don’t want to make a social network that competes with Facebook. We want a cashflow positive business and we wanted it weeks ago.

Hustlers don’t care about revenue, we care about profit.

It doesn’t matter how much money your company made, it’s how much you get to keep at the end of the day. Flashy revenues are good for investors looking to make a healthy return, but often we don’t have the luxury of a cash cushion. Revenue is always secondary to profit.

Hustlers sell from day one.

An online hustler doesn’t start a business with the intentions to grow the userbase and then figure out how to monetize it. We can’t pull a twitter. We want sales from day one, before day one if they’re good.

Hustlers like to rip, pivot and jam.

We know that we aren’t the smartest people and don’t pretend to be. If we see someone doing something that could be attractive for our users, we’ll steal the idea, change it to be our own and make it even better.

Hustlers have their back against the wall.

Those catered lunches, free gym passes and lifetime supplies of PBR while reality for some, are the fantasy for the online hustler. Typically whatever extra money their business does generate, goes right back in.

Evolving from hustler to entrepreneur.

There’s this stigma that labels all of us as startup guys or that hustlers can’t be entrepreneurs. Going from hustler to entrepreneur is a transition.

An entrepreneur does not handle all of the day to day operations of their business. Their job is to develop processes to scale the business. They do this by hiring people, outsourcing work or use virtual assistants to get tasks done. When you remove a hustler from the machine, it breaks down. When you remove an entrepreneur, it keeps running.

It takes time to learn all of the skills necessary. Everyday, I learn more about myself, businesses, websites, managing people, etc. You have to begin and take action. Cut the bs and start.

A simple way to start your online hustle today…


Buy something from a wholesaler on Alibaba and then start selling it on Ebay. Your unsexy business (or hustle) could be importing HID tail lights or iPhone 5 cables. Start selling on Amazon associates and posting ads in your local craigslist. Then you setup a store on Shopify or WPCommerce and all of a sudden you’re making a couple hundred dollars a month.

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I make money online through websites and business consulting. Everyday I'm challenging myself to learn and do more.

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