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Work Today Equals What Tomorrow?


With a standard job the input and outputs are clearly defined. I work three bartending shifts this week, I’ll get $500. My salaried paycheck is $1,000 every two weeks. It’s easy to budget, plan and spend when you’re on this type of schedule.

It’s the opposite when you start a business or website. You might have to put a year in before you see any sort of monetary results. A full year is a long commitment. But that’s even the shorter end of the spectrum. You might have to put two years or three years or even more before you can actually track your input. If I build X more websites it will take Y amount of time and I’ll earn whatever.

When you first start out you’ll question everything.

Am I taking the right path? Am I working the right niche? Is the decision to blog, podcast, run a Facebook page going to work for me in the long run? Oh shit this e-book just came out that promises riches, I’m going to buy it and just do that now…

If you invest all of this time into one platform or area in the beginning and get nowhere, it’s likely that you’ll quit. This is why so many of the experts say follow your passion over and over. When you care about something, naturally it’s easier to continue doing it even if you don’t get the desired results right away. The results might not ever come though.

But don’t switch from one thing to the other. That’s the killer. Even now as I work through a lot of different ventures, I’m still inclined to try certain things when I see people successful in those areas. It’s human nature. We want the quick fixes the easy wins. Why run on the treadmill for 30 minutes when you can do this ab machine for 5 and get the same results?

As entrepreneurs we have to be flexible, keen about market conditions and able to pivot. You need to know when to stick to your vision or when to move onto something else. Sometimes you’ll be right, others wrong but you have to pull the trigger and go. When you make the choice whatever it may be, be stubborn. Don’t give up and know that you will be successful one day. It might not be tomorrow, next month or next year but you will find it.

The lessons that you’ll learn starting your first niche site, e-commerce business or blog will carry over to the next project and the project after that. I’ve tried so many different ways to make money online and I’m still learning, testing and carrying on every single day. Even when I build a new website and think that I’ve found the magic formula for success, it often blows up in my face and I’ve wasted a few weeks or a couple hundred dollars. Those failures carry on and the next time around I’m smarter, faster, more agile.

One day a breakthrough will come. You’ll get that #1 spot in Google, sell your first product, make that first $1,000. It will rocket your enthusiasm to the moon!!! To see your work that no one understood or believed in finally succeed is the most gratifying thing in the world. That will just be the start though. Success is an addicting feeling. Like hitting your lucky number in roulette or injecting your arm with black tar heroine (never done this but Anthony Keidis makes it sound interesting in Scar Tissue), you’ll want to feel that all over again. It will push you further and further.

It comes down to starting and going. Have a plan, but don’t be stuck to it. Be flexible, but don’t bend to chase quick wins. There are no quick or easy wins in this game, only long ball. Commit or you won’t make it anywhere.

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