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Making Money Online? Turn Your Hustle Into a Business for Real Growth


The internet is for hustlers. There are endless opportunities to make money online, most of them you probably have never heard of. I’ve tried some of these methods with varying degrees of success and will be writing more about them in the upcoming weeks.

People who make real money online and replace their income are the one’s who are relentless in their pursuit of financial freedom. They keep learning, testing and optimizing campaigns to make the most money possible. It’s a never ending game.

But what really separates them is this… big ballers convert their hustles into businesses.

-A business has processes that can run without your input.
-A hustle is not sustainable without your input.

So if you’re buying iPods off of craigslist at $40 and then reselling them for $75 that’s a hustle. If you stop buying iPods, the money stops coming in. Flipping items on Craigslist is no different than if you are day trading stocks. If you don’t go to work that day, you don’t get paid.

These hustles can be extremely profitable, but you’re always going to be tied to them… a worker in the machine.

As an online entrepreneur who’s seeking location independence and automation, it should be your goal from day zero to create a business that you can step away from. You keep the machine running. You don’t make it go.

Let’s work on turning the iPod flipping into a real business.

Here’s what I would do…

You hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your Craigslist account and message all of the different advertisements your intention to make a purchase.

You rent a space (maybe in an existing business like coffee shop or internet cafe) where sellers will bring their iPods to.

You hire someone to work one or two days a week and tell the sellers to meet you there that day. They’ll feel more confident bringing them to a location and dealing with a business.

After you make the purchase the virtual assistant will post a new advertisement on craigslist listing the iPod for sale and also eBay, Facebook marketplace and from your new businesses social media accounts.

You login to your computer and manage the entire operation online through a portal like Intuit’s Quickbase, 37 Signals Basecamp or Asana (free).

Instead of just purchasing iPods you expand into other technology products that you can either in high demand, fix or have some other advantage to selling. Maybe you look to replicate this model in other markets nearby and never go to work again.

The takeaway: If what you’re doing to make money online is profitable, you should be looking at ways to turn it into a business. This way you’re focused on scaling and growth, less on the operations.

The cook doesn’t make any money. The restaurant owner does. Be the owner.


I make money online through websites and business consulting. Everyday I'm challenging myself to learn and do more.

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