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Hustle Con 2016 Review - Margins Matter, Free Fruit and Tuxedos in 1974


David Bladow, a co-founder of Bloomthat opened Hustle Con 2016.

He talked about how the flower delivery service launched, got funded and the moment he realized they only had four months of cash left. BloomThat was operating in too many markets and burning $550k per month. They simplified and reduced their burn rate to $15k per month.

He ended his talk with something like…

“What we discovered is that gross margins matter”

Well duh dude!!!!!!

Going into Hustle Con, I had really high expectations for the event. Entrepreneurs I know who went last year had very positive feedback, the speaker lineup was incredible, and the tagline “Startup tactics for non-techies” was practically written for me.

But the “Startup tactics for non-techies” never manifested.

There were also a few profound wtf moments.

Most notably… right after lunch you have Tom of Chubbies and he’s interviewing the Men’s Wearhouse guy. They spent the entire session talking about starting a tuxedo business in 1974, getting a loan from his dad, and running television ads.

Literally the founder of Chubbies is on stage talking about tuxedos and not how he built an epic menswear brand!!! Insane!!!

The conversation was so irrelevant that it felt like we were being trolled.

I tried to snapchat the people in the aisle next to me sleeping.

And then…

Okay, it wasn’t bad!!!

Casper, Soylent, and Ramit all crushed it. There was fresh fruit, cold brew coffee, mimosas and bloodys from WeWork, beer and wine, free t-shirts and bouncy yellow spikeballs. I formed some meaningful relationships with some incredible hustlers who I will hangout / work / do cool shit with in the future. Plus we all got to see Andy Dunn of Bonobos nonchalantly drop a paedophile joke that tore up the room! I guess raising so many rounds will give you that kind of confidence.

Ultimately if you were new to entrepreneurship or just getting started then you probably got a ton inspiration from the stories shared.

But for the entrepreneurs looking for startup tactics from the companies and founders we admire, Hustle Con 2016 was a disappointment.

Speakers spent way too much time giving us a top level overview of their businesses or sharing personal stories. We already know what you guys do… it’s why we bought the ticket!!!

Hustlers want real tactics we can deploy in our businesses.

Going forward they need their speakers to focus on a single event.

Examples could include:

How We Engineered the World’s Biggest Food Crowdfunding Campaign (Soylent)

From Cold to Gold: Structuring Affiliate Deals with Top Clothing Brands (Le Tote)

Creating Relationships with Local Merchants for On Demand Businesses (BloomThat)

If Hustle Con makes that change and finds a viable clicker (haha sorry I had to), then you’ll have one kickass cannot be missed conference.

**Notes: **

– I wish that I had came back earlier from lunch to catch the Jason Calacanis Q&A. I sat in at the end and it was raw & real when he was talking about Theranos.

– Some of the best value from the conference came during the Q&A at the end of sessions but these were limited by time constraints.

-If you like how those presentation titles sound, then you should probably go to DCBKK.

– Shout out to all of the awesome sponsors who were there. I have already spent a lot of $$$ with some of you guys (looking at you WeWork and Soylent), but you definitely have my support! I already recommended gigster to a friend.


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