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How to Find and Do The Work You Love (TEDx Scott Dismore)

Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age. – Warren Buffett

This TEDx presentation by Scott Dismore of LiveYourLegend is how I live my life.

Some of my favorite quotes:

If we don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it.

Everything was impossible until somebody did it.

The fastest way to do things you didn’t think could be done is to surround yourself with people already doing them

As a location independent entrepreneur it was important that I find a way to surround myself with people doing similar things. It’s difficult working through a project without someone to bounce ideas off of or talk to. So this weekend I took the leap and joined the Dynamite Circle and it has already paid off. It’s on my bucket list to speak at TEDx, but what I’m interested in is how the video impacted you? What changes can you make in your life?


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