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Does your Startup use Linkedin when Hiring Employees?

Even though I use social media at Gift Card Rescue everyday, I wouldn’t call myself an expert. If I was looking for a social media expert / scientist / game planner / other cute title, I’d turn to Linkedin. It seems like that website is just bursting with them.

As a team member at a startup it’s our thought that when hiring, it’s incredibly important to research your potential candidates. One method, that I have not seen particular value in is using LinkedIn.

Here is what I have seen on Linkedin

1.) Blatant Boasting – there are a lot of ridiculous profiles out there claiming all sorts of different titles, achievements, and other acts of magic and wonder. But, how much of it is really true and what can actually be verified?

2.) Scams – along with the many people who seem to be blatantly boasting, a lot are hosting local events with a complete lack of credibility. I have not attended one of these events, because I cannot justify paying the entry fees. Having met individuals at local networking events, I wonder who really believes they are qualified?

Okay so who really wants to do this?

This is just an example of one of the groups that I belong to. Link here

3.)** Unusual Recommendations** – What does a personal recommendation mean to you? Aren’t recommendations supposed to remain private and sincere? The recommendations seen on different profiles fall back on observation #1 – blatant boasting. It’s clear that groups will recommend one another or write fake reviews all of the time. How does your startup tell what the truth is?


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