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We're hiring a startup soldier who wants to build multi-million dollar companies.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

This is the job that every entrepreneur wishes that they had when they first started. It’s a chance to learn marketing, product creation, e-commerce, sales, customer development, etc… real  business skills that will help you throughout your entire life.

I credit all of my success to my time and role that I played at GiftCardRescue.com. Roy and I are re-creating that experience for one person (for now).

You’ll be working with us directly on Natural Stacks and the additional ventures that we’re currently developing.

What is the job?

We’re looking for a soldier. Someone dedicated to the cause with no other side projects, distractions or business interests.

From day one you’re going to be thrown into the trenches of startup life and expected to adapt quickly to whatever situation you may find yourself in.

No excuses. No surrender. Just hard work day in and day out. Your first deployment will be Austin, Texas.

What will the day to day look like?

Customer service** – **You’ll be managing our customer support system (email and phone) and creating standard operating documents to train future employees.

Technical writing and editing – You’ll be researching, writing, editing and publishing blog and forum posts. This will also include leading, joining and managing discussion on our forum and social properties.

Outreach – You’ll be researching and contacting high level influencers by phone and email to set-up new lines of business, public relations campaigns and other marketing opportunities.

Administrative** – **A lot of these tasks will vary but can include ingredient sourcing, filing trademarks, creating business intelligence, delivering marketing reports, etc.

Executing initiatives** – **The amount of things that go into building a successful business is unending. We’ll be constantly delivering initiatives in different areas (marketing, sales, pr, etc) that you will be responsible for.

Reporting – Help us develop our key performance indicators across a variety of different metrics. Familiarity with Google Analytics and Excel Wizardry is appreciated.

What does the job pay?

We will be paying an entry level salary for this position paired with financial performance incentives.

You will be evaluated quarterly and yearly. As your role and responsibility increases, so will the perks and benefits.

We are profitable and rapidly expanding. We’re also bootstrapped and retain full equity of our companies.

The more ass you kick, the more you’ll get paid and doors you’ll open.

What are we looking for in a soldier?

We’re looking for someone who’s able to get shit done on their own with little guidance, management or oversight. You should hate excuses and hate to fail.

The right candidate will recognize the opportunity in front of them and do whatever it takes to make things happen.

Other mandatory skills include:

Writing – You should be familiar with blogging and have written blog posts before. Internet writing is a lot different than your college essays. Send us samples to blog posts you have that are currently published on the web.

Closer – You’ve closed deals before. Negotiated your way out of something crazy or got your former company featured in Forbes. Tell us what you were working on, how you got in contact with the right people and what lead to closing the deal.

Internet** – **You’ve been working on the internet for a while and have detailed knowledge of blogs, forums, social media, e-commerce, apps and news. You should have one or multiple projects involving the internet. What were they?

Vision** – **You’re constantly reading, learning and forecasting for the future. When you hear something, you’re able to connect and immediately add value of your own.

I’m going to use some buzz words but you should have excellent communication skills, be project oriented and entrepreneurial.

A lot of skills we’ll be able to teach, but the drive to succeed is something that you have or don’t. Your past experience and completed projects should show this.

However if you have these bonus skills, we’ll be moving your application directly to the top of the pile.

  • Podcast editing
  • Video editing
  • Video recording
  • In-depth knowledge (college degree) in health / fitness
  • Front end development (shopify, wordpress)
  • Youtube channel development
  • Technical writing (health / fitness)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Business intelligence
  • KPIs + analytics
  • Graphic design***

This sounds awesome, how do I apply?

Sell us on why you’re the right candidate by recording a youtube video (any length) describing your past experience, current skills and anything else you think will help your case.

Try ideas like –

  • Why you’re an entrepreneur?
  • What drives you?
  • What can you bring to the table?

In your email include links to published work online (if it’s no online don’t bother), past projects and / or portfolio displaying your work.

We all want to see your social media profiles. These are usually a good indicator of someone’s character.

Here’s what the process will look like:

  • All applications (video + email) due by June 23.
  • Second round interviews will be contacted by end of June.
  • Final decision will be made by July 7.
  • New hire will report for duty in Austin, TX July 28.

Please send your submissions to ben (at) naturalstacks (dot) com. Everyone is encouraged to apply no matter what you’re currently doing or where you currently are!

If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll make sure that they’re answered. Also make sure to share this job posting with anyone who may be interested.

*“Become a startup soldier and help build multi-million dollar e-commerce companies” *

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