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daniel-craig-skyfallIf your marketing isn’t focused on generating revenue,** then you need to throw it out. The internet has completely changed the way we do business. Before your customer makes a purchase; they are online reading reviews, consulting with their social networks and researching your product or service.**

Anyone can set up a facebook page and then go beg their friends for likes. You can run a Groupon special or buy a few adwords. Will it work? Maybe…

But what I want to know is, what is your marketing doing for your bottom line?

I want to work with you if you’re tired of the bull and want to throw out the manual. Let’s concentrate on new methods that directly boost your revenue. We’re going to test, measure and then test again to permanently move the numbers to a new normal.

Why will it work?

  • I’ve been in the trenches and taken a bootstrapped e-commerce company to a multi-million dollar business. We’ll find out what works for your industry.
  • There are incredible technologies and web marketing strategies that you’re not using. Your competitors aren’t either and they won’t know what hit them.
  • I have experience in B2C, B2B, SEO, Conversion Optimization and Branding. When I don’t know, I go to my network of experts who are all killing it online.
  • In less than two months with my last client; I decreased the bounce rate by 44%, increased average time on site by 82% and developed a content marketing strategy that proves ROI.

How does it work?

We will start with an initial consultation to see if we can work together. Sometimes people say they want to try new things, but aren’t willing. My interests are invested in my clients success and a positive working relationship is absolutely necessary for this. I only work with people who are looking to shake things up, cause some chaos and boost their revenue.

From there each strategy for my clients is different. Some things are highly effective in certain industries while being utterly pointless in others. I’ll research your market, engross myself in your customer’s experience and develop new methods for you to make more money. We’ll iterate quickly, test different models and then scale like their is no tomorrow.

*If you’ve read this far, you’re probably either jumping out of your seat with excitement or sitting back with skepticism. Don’t be the one who misses out. *

Get a free consultation today.

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*If I don’t get back to you in one business day, I’ll give you a free one-hour consultation ($250 value).