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Google Failures in 2010

Unless it’s Android, Gmail, or Search…. Google falls on its face. Here are the top google failures in 2010.

1. Nexus One

While I’m not denying the Nexus One’s power or sleek design (especially when compared to my Motorola Droid), this is one area that they certainly were not ready for. While the support system for adsense is ineffective at best, when people have a problem with their cell phone the last thing they want to is read through some articles only to be asked, “Was this helpful?” F— No it wasn’t! Blah Blah Blah.

Google jumped into mobile way too early. Accoring to CNN the Nexus One sold 135,000 units in the same time the original iPhone and Motorola Droid sold 1 million. If you weren’t a tech geek you were probably saying to yourself Nexus What?

**2. Google Buzz **

Google buzz is exactly like Twitter. It has a very Twitter-esque name, allows you to share status updates with friends, and now recommends who you should follow! (source via Techcrunch). The only thing it’s missing is the iconic Fail Whale.

If you’re going to create a copy cat product or service you need to do something different or have a niche. You can have Groupon and Living Social because the platform doesn’t matter, people will go where the best deals are. But, in the case of Buzz vs Twitter the people will go to the best/most popular service. Twitter is everywhere, but where have you seen Buzz… or Android? Anyone see a trend here?

3.) Google Checkout

Google checkout is their own version of Paypal except everyone uses Paypal and no one uses Google Checkout. I don’t know what sort of investment they have in it, but they should stop now. Google is actually in the works of incorporating Paypal into their android devices and allowing people to pay for applications that way. Everyone in the checkout department beware, your job may be on the line.

4.) Google Wave

Google Wave was originally announced in 2009 as a collaboration tool for users that wanted to bring all forms of social networking, email, instant messaging and more together. It was a big deal if you got the invite to the beta testing ( I never got one), but it has bombed since going live.

Okay it’s official Techcrunch has officially declared Google Wave to be dead. Good news if you were one of the “intelligent” type to catch on then you will eventually be able to liberate your data.

Where will Google Fail Next?

Well hopefully by now Google has learned that just because they control the world’s best search engine, they can’t just create a lesser product with their name on it and expect great results.

So what do you think Google’s next failure will be?


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