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Out of the funk


It was a Saturday night and we were out having a few drinks with friends.

Well D was drinking Topo Chico.

We moved over to a club, it got hot, and we went home.

The friends stayed out for more mischief and mayhem.

Just after 2 AM, shots broke out on 6th street leaving one woman dead and four others injured.

Could have been there.

Earlier that day a hot air balloon crashed into an electric wire leaving 16 people dead in Lockhart, just a few miles south of Austin.  

Could have been there.

On July 14, a madman in a cargo truck spilled onto the Promenade des Anglais killing 84 people and injuring 308.

Was just in France. Could have been there.

With the constant bombardment of negative news: terrorist attacks, police shootings, racism, Clinton, Trump etc.

It’s hard not to feel like tragedy surrounds us and for the past few months I’ve felt engulfed in this cloud of pessimism and negativity.

Of course 99.999% of this stems from my girlfriend suddenly getting diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28.

It really sucks for her, for her family, for us, and for her friends.

A year taken away from her, from us and a lifetime left of worry that it may return after she kicks its ass.

And for the record… that’s exactly what she’s doing.

We got some great news this week and I finally feel like I’m falling back in-stride, turned on and re-engaged Matrix red-pill style.

Funny how much can change in only three months time.

Now I’m thinking differently about what I choose to work on, who I spent my time with, what I’m optimizing my life for.

A lot of things that I thought mattered to me, don’t. Other things have lost their appeal. 

Mainly though… the amount of gratitude / thankfulness I now feel during small moments with family and close friends is unreal.

Anyway… here are my three takeaways / sayings / zen-things:

-work hard, but work isn’t everything

-live now, but find something to live for

-don’t go through the motions, do the hard thing

If there’s anything that I can do to help, please reach out.



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