Everything I use to optimize my life and business (finance, health, travel, etc etc)

I've become somewhat known as a lifehacker. I hate paying full price. I love doing epic shit. I do not like wasting time.

So without further adieu here's a list of all the things I use separated by category.

Since I'm endorsing these products all of them include an affiliate link which I will earn a commission or other type of compensation for.


Wealthfront - automated robo-investing

I have a recurring monthly deposit that goes straight from my checking account into Wealthfront each month. I don't think about it. Automated with low fees, it's an easy way to save in addition to your 401k or other tax deferred plan.

Fundrise - automated REIT investing

Private market real estate investing made easy. I automated this as well with a few hundred dollars each month going from my checking account straight into Fundrise. The dividends are set to automatically reinvest. I do this for more diversification in my overall portfolio and exposure to real estate returns.

I started using fundrise after listening to the Invest Like A Boss Podcast from my friends Johnny and Sam.

Cryptocurrency -

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