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Millenials, Hunger and Hiring with Eric Bandholz of BeardBrand (BWB: 001)

Biz With Ben Eric Bandholz

Episode 1 and Eric decided to be a good dude and be our test dummy. Thanks Eric!

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Show notes:

This week I spoke with Eric Bandholz of BeardBrand. Beard Brand is a men’s grooming company selling beard brand care products looking to change the way society views beadsman. We spoke about looking for someone who embodies freedom, hunger and trust and how this can help you hit that $10 million mark. Eric discusses being the oldest millennial, opens up about just not being great at KPI tracking and how to find someone with that rare ability of simply getting shit done.

You have to be the type of person when a task isn’t finished and you know it could be that it bothers you.

Hunger is this drive to want to build. They don’t feel well when they’re not working.

Biz with Ben Episode 1: Eric Bandholz of BeardBrand
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