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Web Based Product 003: Design Completed and Coding Begins

![Downtown Charleston, South Carolina](http://benhebert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/DSC_0491-550x338.jpg "DSC_0491")Photo taken Sunday in Charleston, SC
It took a little under a month, but the backend design for my web based product is finally complete. The front end does little more than look pretty and will be done after I’m satisfied with the products functionality. I am sure that there will be many changes in the upcoming months however for now it feels like we nailed it! The coder started yesterday and we have talked extensively about the concept. I love that he’s making suggestions on things to change. It’s an exciting time for me and I can’t wait to have a prototype live.

We’re shooting for December 22nd as go-live. That way when I go home for Christmas, I’ll have a product to show my mentor and whoever is interested. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll make the deadline. December also marks my one year anniversary for graduating college and it would be a great achievement for me to have the minimum viable product built.

If you’re interested in learning how to build your own web app or software with no experience or money, check out webbasedproduct.com where I’ll be publishing a guide once I’m done.

Outsourcing Design

Good designers are worth their weight in gold and unicorns.

The design was outsourced for a firm in Germany where I was able to get incredible design at a fraction of the cost compared to something similar in the United States. The whole process was delayed by me. I didn’t send the right mockups or concepts to the designer and expected him to pull the vision out of my head.

On Saturday I stayed in for six hours and put together each of the features page by page. I stole elements from some other applications that I use and was able to put them together in a way so the designer was able to make sense of them. Sunday the mockups were delivered and early Monday I sent them to the coder. When you’re building your own company from the ground up, there is no manual on what to do or how you’re supposed to do your job. This took a month longer than it should have but you can bet I won’t make the mistake again.

Finding the right people to work with is challenging. Once you fnd them, they need to be extensively vetted. From there you need to come up with some sort of framework so that the designer can start and you’ll need to guide them the whole way. You get what you pay for. Conquering the challenges of modern website and application design will be covered extensively in the Web Based Product guide.

Coding Begins

This is a process that I am more unfamiliar with. Having worked with experienced freelancers in the past, they handled all of it and I didn’t have to think about the databases. So there was no how is A going to interact with, subsets of data and so on.

I find learning new things like this fascinating and comparable to my transition from startup world to corporate hospital life. I guess it’s my ravenous curiosity that’s sometimes good or bad.


I’m starting to publish more content on here about blogging and getting started. A lot of people have ideas with no idea where to start. Blogging is a simple way to get started with marketing, seo, e-commerce, email newsletters, branding and everything else you’ll need to know.

Getting psyched for Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas January 13 – 15. It will be the first time for me attending a conference filled with nothing but internet rockstars. I can’t wait to just soak in knowledge and network with as many people that I can. Hopefully I’ll come back with that to take everything that I’m doing to the next level. Thanks again to John Chow for hooking it up!


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