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Dealing With Negativity and Haterz

Whenever you start something new, there will be people trying to hold you back. After you start, there will be people telling you to do it a different way. Once you get going, there will be people talking about you behind your back.

**Don’t listen to any of it. **
**Believe in what you’re doing.**Confidence is one of the strongest qualities that an entrepreneur or anyone can have of themselves. It’s something that I struggle with and continually look to improve upon. It’s human nature to second guess ourselves or quit when it looks like there’s no way out. There is always a way. Channel your inner Steve Jobs [reality distortion field](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reality_distortion_field) and get creative. Incredible companies like [AirBnB](http://venturebeat.com/2011/10/25/airbnb-failcon-joe-gebbia/) have succeeded, right when they were at the brink of collapse.

Ignore everyone else.

I don’t know how some celebrities deal with their private lives being manipulated in front of them 24/7. While some people may ask for that attention, trolling can become quite bothersome and definitely effect your company, project or goal. Ignoring everyone else will allow you to focus on your productivity.

There’s so much noise surrounding us today and whether you’re working on building something or training for a marathon, interruptions will be everywhere. While it might feel good to divulge and address these things at times, it’s better to leave them alone and keep going forward.

Why the Haterz?

It’s easy to criticize and denounce someone else. It’s really easy. Why do you think people sit on their couches and get fat watching reality tv? It’s entertaining and easy.

Starting, doing, finishing… all much harder.

*image was taken from Tyler the Creator’s facebook page.


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