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Using Content Creation in your Business (Plus: How it will bring YOU more opportunities)


There’s a common reason reason that connects why you used build sandcastles at the beach all day long and could never have enough coloring books. It’s why LEGO is still one of the most popular children’s toys. We were all born to be creators.

Through working in the dance music industry, I have gained an incredible respect for electronic producers, especially the early pioneers. At some point they were told that they should give up creating. Yet, they rebelled and kept creating while “underground raves” were hosted in warehouses and basements. Now electronic dance music has taken over mainstream pop-culture.

All of us are meant to create and share.

It doesn’t matter how specialized your niche, interest or hobby is, there are others like you. Others who are just as passionate, others who are looking to connect with you and pay money for solutions to their problems.

Ten years ago, the concept of escaping the 9-5 through lifestyle design was almost entirely foreign. The 4-Hour Work Week didn’t exist. Yet this movement created in part by Tim Ferriss, has rallied countless others to quit their jobs, start businesses and live freely.

By understanding creator cycle theory we can advance our goals further and faster than ever before.

Creator Cycle Theory


Whenever we create something valuable / incredible and share it with the world, we gain recognition and authority in the topic. People will see you as an expert and come to you with their questions, comments, hate and opportunities.

It’s up to you whether you decide to use CCT to further your professional goals as an employee or create your own business. However, following it will immediately put you ahead of competitor who aren’t. The internet has enabled you to share whatever you create to a global audience for free.

If you don’t do this:

  • You aren’t giving people a reason to care
  • You are allowing others to position themselves ahead of you
  • It will be impossible to breakthrough the noise
  • You won’t continue to improve in your skills

It doesn’t have to start online.

Let’s say that you organize a networking group that meets weekly to discuss how you can solve hunger problems in Costa Rica. At this meeting, you’re developing new ideas and concepts and driving discussion on a topic forward. This content can be syndicated in digital forms like video recordings, podcasting or blog posts. Sharing through the web will grow the groups influence and create more opportunities going forward.

Most of us follow the creator cycle theory without even knowing it.

Here’s an example:

You write Facebook post that says, “I’m going to Las Vegas next month and need recommendations for a hotel / what to do?”

Indirectly you’re saying that you trust your network to be the authority with their answer, even though you know that there are better more qualified resources.

Steve answers and he’s been to Vegas a few times. He has plenty of pictures and status updates about Vegas to confirm this. Abby also answers, but she’s a stay at home mom with three kids and has never been.

Steve’s content that he created show his expertise, you choose to interact with him because of this and now Steve has the opportunity to help you decide where you want to go.

See how it works? Now imagine the possibilities when you align the creation cycle theory with your business.

How it works on this blog

Even if someone finds this site for the first time today, they can read any number of articles that I’ve posted here and have a general understanding of who I am, my opinions and perspective on topics like lifestyle design, social media, digital marketing etc. By posting items that contain actionable items that teach, help and educate people, this blog has been the most useful tool in communicating my skill set and networking with others.

The market definitely doesn’t need another blog teaching people how to make money online, get their dream job or hack airline miles, there’s plenty. But as I’ve progressed forward in life so has my influence. I write with the goal to inspire you to take action. My value creation relies heavily on the audience that I’m appealing to.

Benhebert.com was never designed to be a marketing funnel, but indirectly it has turned into one. From business opportunities, partnerships and mentors, they have all read the blog at one time or another and contacted me after.

As you read this….

  • You interpret the post and create a label for the me the sender (ie. digital marketer)
  • Based on your experience you assign an authority score for the label (ie. genius!).
  • The combined value + authority score leads to an action. (ie. social share or click red X).

So it could be, “Ben Hebert is a digital marketer, he’s an expert at the topic and I’m going to share this with my connections on Linkedin.”

Maybe the right person see’s that message and contacts me to work with them on something awesome. Maybe that doesn’t happen today, but it does next week. The cycle continues.

Where you can get started

We all have things to share. Things that make us interesting, things that we care about. In the beginning your topics will vary, but eventually you’ll find this synergy between what you want to talk about, what your audience desires and what the market needs.

If you don’t have anything to share and feel like your existence is meaningless, then you need to radically change what you’re doing (aka stop living for the weekend).

A friendly example….

I have this one friend who has this crazy outlandish personality. He’s also incredibly genuine, just an awesome dude. Like dunking a basketball, if I tried every day to be as cool as him it wouldn’t ever happen. Sometime in college he discovered the culinary arts and has truly worked to build and develop his craft. Cooking is how he creates. If he combines his personality and his art into one by doing a video series, it would be both compelling and hilarious. He’s not an internet guy, but he could be great.

No one wants to watch Guy Fieri talk about food. Our generation has this uncanny ability to ascertain character fraud. It’s why we love Anthony Bourdain, he’s unapologetic and real.

The point is… we all can be great at something. You just have to start trying.

You’re going to suck at first. Then when you get any sort of recognition, something will fall apart and bring you back. The haters will come out in droves. Get over it, keep moving forward and enjoy every minute of the experience.


  • I own this blog and control everything that goes out. It’s a way for me to share my opinion, theories and experience with the world. Unlike sharing on Facebook, Twitter or through any other medium, your message can’t be lost. It’s there at your own domain and whomever decides to come and read can do so at their own leisure. I can also drive them to see certain things like this post on how to figure out what you want to do withy our life.
  • Wherever you go to share your creations, you can have channels that drive people in (Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest, Forums, ETC) but you need to own the platform.
  • The writing on this blog used to be horrible. Please refrain from going back into the archives. You should never be apologetic for the things that you create. Just continue to learn, evolve and progress over time.
  • Don’t try to measure the impact of your content by the numbers, this will kill you.

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