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Business Breakdown - Bulletproofexec.com


I’m starting this series called the business breakdown where I’m going to look at how people are making money from their websites. I don’t have any relationship with the business and a post here isn’t necessarily considered an endorsement of any kind.

The best way to learn is by studying others. Marketers, millionaires, athletes whomever you want to imitate… you need to study them intensely. It’s why I’m hooked on Mixergy and sign up to see what everyone else is doing. If they’re killing it… I want to know how they’re doing it and what I can do to incorporate their strategies into my business.

Anyway, this is a brief review of Bulletproofexec.com.

What is it?

Bulletproof – The State of High Performance, by Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Executive on Vimeo.

A blog, podcast and community built to increase knowledge of bodyhacking in search of optimal human performance. Monetization methods include product development, e-commerce, affiliate marketing and consulting / speaking.

Marketing Strategy

Dave Asprey has the content marketing locked down with Bulletproof Executive. He creates excellent content based on his own experience and provides tremendous value for his audience. Bulletproof exec has a blog, postcast and video covering different subjects within his niche.

You can learn a lot from navigating around and find value everywhere. This value creates instant credibility and builds trust between his brand and you the potential consumer. Asprey expands beyond just trying to sell you a product, he’s built a solid community where people interested in biohacking can discuss their results and methods on his forum.

Communities are like loyal followers. The different that I’m finding with online niche groups are that the owners have a vested interest in the success of the members in a way that big brands like Apple cannot do. The Cartel is a community that I created for internet hustlers and work with individuals to help them in their pursuit of financial freedom.

The Bulletproofexec.com website is part of the sales funnel for all of the products that Asprey has created. Websites are part of the sales funnel used to develop relations with customers and market the brand. It’s the content on Bulletproofexec.com that gets people to buy.

The basic premise here goes back to my post that it’s easy to start a business, but difficult to give people a reason to care. This is the number one challenge for all businesses today… why should people care and why should they buy from you?

If you give them a reason that’s captivating enough and appeals to their utmost wants / needs / desires then they’ll take the action that you want. If you don’t provide this reason… nothing will happen.

That’s where a lot of businesses that I see fall short.

What BulletProofExec is doing…

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Video Content
  • Forum

Monetization Methods

When you have a brand established and loyal fans, it’s easy to expand horizontally to meet their needs. Bulletproof Executive, Bulletproof Died and Upgraded Self are all trademarks of Better Baby, LLC where Asprey has a lot of interesting products.

Instead of entering an affiliate relationship and selling someone elses biohacking products, Asprey has created them his own. He has MCT Oil, Bulletproof Coffee, Aging Formula and other books. The sales copy on these pages are compelling and even though I have barely read anything on the site, I want to buy. It’s crazy how excellent sales copy can do that. Asprey also sells them on his e-commerce site under a different brandname called Upgraded Self – http://www.upgradedself.com/

Bulletproof Exec also has their own affiliate program that’s run through PostAffiliatePro, software that let’s you manage your own campaigns. It’s usually less expensive this way, but can be a lot more labor intensive. I bet that he has all of this outsourced to a highly trained virtual assistant. The commission percentage is 10% with a 60 day cookie which is good, but for the supplement industry he could offer more to affiliates.

After you’ve created influence and established authority, the opportunities start flowing in. Consulting, speaking, coaching, motivation… all of it available after you’ve built a brand.

Monetization Methods:

  • Product Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Paid Speaking

Quick Design Notes 

I love the Bulletproof exec design. The only thing that I would consider changing is the landing page to provide a more comprehensive overview of the site. Not everyone wants to watch video. That said, I would imagine that people aren’t finding his website through a keyword that takes him to the homepage rather long tail or phrases that they’re searching for, social shares or the iTunes podcast.

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