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Blue Ocean Blogging in Crowded Niches


Even when you niche down to the very bottom, you’re usually going to find a few competitors. After people find out that you’re successful, expect more to move in.

What I’m seeing now in the dance music space is that everyone is switching to a news format. Dance music has become something much larger than “just the music” and fans are interested in content in all areas related to the market. A new Rick Ross song won’t do as well as Rick Ross getting shot at in Miami. The same thing goes for dance music so we all have to evolve.

I like to take credit for stealing a lot of what buzzfeed does and incorporating that at WRR. It’s trickled down into most other publications and we even got ripped off by Elite Daily. In one way or another this is a complement although some credit would have also been nice.

Blue Ocean Blogging means using a content strategy that’s different from everyone else that’s out there. Everyday I ask myself what can I do or we do differently that will align to the vision of our brand going forward. I think the same thing for this site and you’re going to see a lot more posts with my opinions on various things.

With WRR we had to think how can we cover dance music that…

1.) Is within our capabilities

2.) Reinforces brand image

3.) Ability to generate new audience

That lead me to writing a longer 1,000+ word editorial on the marketing behind “the next wave” of dance music stars. The marketing behind the music is rarely covered and the piece brought a kind of freshness to the scene that isn’t really available anywhere else.

So many “blogs” are regurgitators for public relations companies so that they can get “press access” aka free passes to shows. We’re guilty too, but the WhiteRaverRafting.com brand has to stand for something. We have to be something more than just average or like the other options. If we don’t we fail to break through the noise or create anything substantial.

When you look at your own blog, there are certain topics covered over and over again in your niche. Whether you’re doing lifestyle design, passive income or search engine marketing all of these things have been talked about to the death. However, there’s another angle where you can position yourself as a thought leader. You can find a way to bring new perspective to the topic and reach a new audience.

How can you find your blue ocean?

It starts with the vision for your blog / business / whatever. Where do you see yourself? How can your blog or whatever platform your building help position you to succeed in making that vision happen?

Without vision or an idea of where you want to be, you’re going to be wasting time on quick fix measures to get there. You’ll  try one thing after the other and quickly move on to the next hoping it will be the solution to your problems. It won’t though and you’ll move onto something else after that.

Vision is knowing where you want to be and realizing that it will take time. The actions that you take today might not payoff tomorrow, next week or even next year. But you’re laying the ground work for something much greater and working towards that goal.

You’ll find the people stuck in the quick fix & switch mode that they’ll adapt to your style. They might experience success or even more success than you. Ignore it. They’re not following your vision and will do whatever the next big thing is after they’re tired of copying off of you.


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