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Five Essential Skills To Take Your Blogging Game Next Level

Blogging isn’t hard and there are no barriers to entry. You can go to wordpress.com or blogger and set one up in less than five minutes. I recommend you go self-hosted (guide), but if you’re looking to start that’s an easy way to begin. There are fundamental skills that are important no matter what industry or topic you choose to talking about. Following them can be the difference between getting rich or quitting in a few weeks.

1.) Endurance

Developing a successful blog is going to take a lot of time. You’ll write an incredible blog post about your experience or how to guide that will get zero views, feedback or social shares. Don’t let this stop you. Everything published on the web, stays on the web and while your current audience might not see the value now, someone who finds your blog months later will. Keep going.

2.) Trends

Knowing what trends are coming up and how to exploit them will be the best way for you to attract new users and get the most amount of views. Look outside of your industry and niche to see what type of content the biggest blogs are pushing out. They’re the experts you need to be looking at, not your competition.

This guide to increase rankings shows a lot of new marketing trends.

3.) Process

The best online marketers and bloggers have developed a process for making websites, writing content and scheduling posts. Whether you are start your first blog or creating the second, it’s vital that you create your own process for doing the work.

You’ll find out what time is the best to publish, where you need to be to write and what the best way to rank your content is. If you’re working on building multiple websites, perhaps it would be a better use of your time to hire a virtual assistant to handle some of the more mundane parts of blogging.

4.) Search Engine Optimization

Depending on what topic you’re writing about, you should focus on ranking in Google for related keywords. So for PaydayLoanPilot.com which is one of my affiliate websites, I”m’ trying to rank the site for terms like “payday loans, online payday loans and payday loan laws.”

For competitive search terms like “home insurance” it’s difficult to rank a new site so you should look to exploit long tail keywords. A long tail keyword example would be “home insurance quotes for South Carolina” Learning how to optimize your pages for search engines, will bring in more traffic that can be converted to readership or sales.

Check out the Beginners Guide to SEO.

5.) Style

Formal writing styles have been destroyed by the blog. To be an effective blogger you need to develop your own writing style. Right now the most popular type of posts offer full transparency, high information and usually inspire action of some kind. When you’re finished reading the entry, you should be inspired to do whatever the author planned.

How to Unborify your blog posts.

These are all skills that I have learned through my experience with WRR. If you have any points that you think are important for blogging, please share them in the comments.


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