The Best Advice That I Could Ever Give You


The other day I was watching this fake show called Jungle Gold on Discover channel, but couldn’t help but to be fascinated that people from America travel to Ghana in search of gold. I thought that only happens in movies?

Crazy things people do for money:

  • Mine for gold in Africa

  • Dig up dinosaur bones

  • Give guided tours of this place

The media has found out that we love reality tv shows of people who take incredible risks or live extraordinarily different lives than our own. What, those people live on a farm and kill alligators to survive? And of course, all hail Honey Boo Boo one of the most searched about terms in 2012.

It’s like we live in our own bubble. The perfect life is pitched to us from birth and America throws the golden handcuffs on us. Work, eat, sleep, retire, golf and die. When I told my mom about getting press credentials for Electric Zoo (one of the biggest EDM festivals in America) she said, “Do not quit ur job for music bloggin”.

We were built to explore, learn, adapt and evolve. Over and over it’s been proven that we are not meant to sit and plug away at desks. If you need to go on an Indiana Jones torrent across the world then do it. If you’ve always wanted to write a book then lock yourself away for a week and write it.

So what’s the best advice that I could ever give you?

Don’t let anything stop you from being yourself.

Sometimes you have to wonder what your life would be like, if you had made different choices. What if you attended a different college, skipped school in favor of travel or joined the armed forces. What if you majored in art history instead of business, theater instead of communications. You shouldn’t linger on the thought for too long though, it’s in the past and out of your control.

What you do control is now.

[wp-like-locker]While you are in college so much of your life is defined for you. Friends, schedule, activities or binge drinking on Thursday nights (miss that). When the real world hits much of this disappears and you’re left on your own to figure it out. If you don’t know who “yourself” is, the best way to find out is try as many things as possible (get experience). [/wp-like-locker]

A lot of things will try and hold you back. This is especially the case if you want to do something different. Don’t let them. You can do anything. It will take some sacrifice and it is difficult at times to not do what everyone else is. Another Friday night at the bar will bring what kind of value to your life?

Being yourself means chasing your dreams. You used to have a lot of them. It’s not too late to start.


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