Met Up With Angus


Last Wednesday, my friend Angus texts me and asks something like, “Are you in Austin? Come out to this event…”

Most evenings I’m working on something (or pretending to work but actually playing Rocket League), so I debated for a minute on whether to go or not.

Then he mentioned that it was an open bar at the W Hotel with live music and that ended the debate.

On the ride over I realized that we had never actually met before, which is funny because I consider him a friend.

It’s probably because we go *way back *to the “wild west” era of music blogging.  Angus used to run this awesome website GetLiftedTonight. It was one of my favorite blogs and I downloaded a ton of my favorite songs from their SoundOwl account.

Over a few drinks, the conversation drifted to how many people really came out of that “blog scene” and are doing big things in the music industry.

It was like a namedrop party.

He’s there doing this…

She’s there doing that…

He’s the next Scooter Braun.

Really my entire facebook feed (before I blocked it with this), was filled with managers, tour guides, pr reps, label reps, and everything else.

Even my co-founder Wade left everything for an internship with Jake Udell at Th3rd Brain and now they’ve got the music game on lock like Conor McGregor!

All of this lead me to realize that:

The explosion of electronic music provided a platform for artists around the globe empowered thousands of people to get a started in entrepreneurship.

I don’t think this happened as much with hip-hop, grunge, or pop-punk.

Back then power structure was much more intact with labels owning all of the distribution channels.

Plus you couldn’t exactly upload a track to Soundcloud and then blow up like this or this.

Electronic is really the first type of media to grow almost exclusively through modern day distribution channels like blogs, aggregators, social, and streaming.

Because of that it’s future is being shaped by those who helped create it.

This isn’t a phenomenon and it’s not limited to just music. Technology has disrupted the status quo power structure that once existed in every single industry.

So if you want your own multi-million dollar business you can:

  • Create an instagram page around an interest (like this).
  • Build a better product that cuts out the middle man (like this).
  • Make products for an underserved market you care about (like this).

The opportunities / possibilities / whatever are endless, but you have to get a start somewhere.

Probably no better place than something you’re passionate about.


Angus is @ Doppler Labs and their new product HerePlus.Me is f’ing revolutionary even in its first iteration. When I heard about future plans, I nearly spilled my drink because the applications for the buds are endless.

Photo features The Eastern Sea live at the Vinyl Room @ The W Hotel.


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