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Travel Hack Your Way to Free First-Class Flights with AJ Dunn of Abroaders (BWB 009)


Ever wanted to know how to sign up for 2 credit cards and fly yourself anywhere in Europe for free?  What about spending $74 dollars on a first class international flight that would cost most school teachers months’ worth of salary?

We’re joined by AJ Dunn of Abroaders who breaks down this reward heavy game where you can play like a baller with some simple creative problem solving.

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Show Notes:

AJ walks us through how to reverse engineer your way to your target goals.  That could be flying first class internationally, taking a ton of domestic flights, or any other number of goals.  We also touch on fundraising, recruiting talent, and building an app.

Keep an eye out for their full app going live in a couple of weeks and visit Abroaders.com to join the Beta Testing!

Outro Song:Jon Bellion – Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes

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