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5 Must Read Blogs for Digital Marketers

My google reader is filled with like 50+ different company and personal blogs. In sifting through them, I found the five that I go to daily for updates. These are what I consider to be must read resources for everyone interested in digital marketing, seo, sem, or affiliate marketing.

It’s a pretty good variety from slightly ill mannered content to proper posts with pretty infographics. Either way you’ll benefit from subscribing and learning more. If there’s a blog out there that you think I’m missing out on (probably true) leave it in the comment and I promise to check it out.

# 5 Must Read Digital Marketing Blogs
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1.) Viperchill – this blog is maintained by Glen, a viral marketing prodigy turned affiliate marketer and world traveler. He’s now living the dream in South Africa making five figures from his affiliate websites. Glen has great posts (1,500 words or more) on in-depth topics of generating blog traffic, creating back links, and seo tips.

2.)****SEOMOZ – I’m slightly partial to SEOMOZ because I use their tools (I recommend the free trial) on a regular basis to manage the links to GiftCardRescue, look for opportunities, and monitor the competition. The content on the blog is second to none, but the real strength in SEOMOZ is in the community.

3.)****Shoemoney – Get the skills to pay the bills! Jeremy Schoemaker is a former fat guy loser (self-proclaimed) turned internet marketing rockstar. He reviews some of the best affiliate programs, monetizing strategies and free guides with humor mixed in.

4.) HackerNews – Hacker News sponsored by startup incubator Y-Combinator features articles relating to the tech industry, startups, programming, and other though provoking reads. While the majority of the articles are technical, you can learn a lot from them.

5.) Open Forum – The American Express Open Forum has posts from really great entrepreneurs each with different opinions and views on everything from managing cash flow to small business marketing with foursquare. A lot of the most respected industry folk contribute like Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, and John Jantsch.


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